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November 21, 2011, 10:06 pm

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Xenith Grenades


A general list of the types of grenades Xenith Manufactors.


Xenith Grenades


Smoke Grenade.

A smoke grenade is generally used to conceal the movements of troops or as a tool to obscure the enemies vision long enough to either get away or set an ambush. The grenade is cylinder shaped and sends a dense cloud of smoke out for 5-15 seconds depending on what you set it to electronically, the delay can also be adjusted from 1 to 30 seconds before smoke pours out. The smoke its self is harmless, and will not color wood, metal or any other type of material. Depending on what type you purchase the smoke may be, black, white, blue, orange, or green. A small amount of heat is produced while the smoke is created but it is not significant. The smoke produced dissipates into the atmosphere in about 30 seconds or up to 5 minutes in a closed room.


Gas Grenade.

A Gas Grenade is a type of smoke grenade where the smoke produced is poisonous and will cause the target to be knocked out or killed in a few seconds depending on the type of poison. The heat caused by this grenade is much more than the Smoke grenade and can burn cloth or paper touching the grenade. Smoke caused by this type of grenade is usually green or yellow and can color cloth. This type of grenade is banned by the galactic convention but there is a rumor that if you know the right people you can get a hold on a few of these things, without the Xenith logo on them of course.


Fragmentation Grenade

The Frag grenade is a grenade that explodes either on impact or by a timer, sending small pieces of metal shrapnel spinning out in all directions. This shrapnel is quite lethal but easy to block, just body armor or a Kevlar vest, although sometimes the force behind the shrapnel is so great that it can penetrate Kevlar and even an inch of steel.


Stun Grenade

The stun grenade is a grenade that stuns the target by emitting a earsplitting bang and a burst of light, causing temporary blindness. If you are too close to one of these when it goes off you may go partially deaf due to the extreme noise generated by the grenade. The stun lasts for approximately 5 seconds in which the target can not move due to the extreme pain from the blinding light and the noise.


Plasma Grenade

The plasma grenade is another grenade manufactured by Xenith. It is a grenade that uses extreme heat to vaporize the metal casing, a millisecond after the metal is vaporized a second charge detonates sending the metal vapor rocketing in all directions and effectively destroying and living material or wood/cloth/paper in a 20 foot radius.


Firebomb Grenade

The Firebomb grenade creates a 10-foot radius of fire, destroying anything not made of metal or stone. If a person is caught in the blast they have a 10% chance of surviving, albeit with horrific scars. This type of grenade is banned by the galactic convention.


Rubber Grenade

A non-lethal weapon, the rubber grenade, or “Rubbers”, as the star captains call them blast an enemy off his feet and deposits him roughly on the ground. If you are too close to the blast then the balls may break a rib or two and possibly put out an eye but for the most part they are harmless.


EMP Grenade

A weapon to be used against electronics, the EMP grenade emits an electro magnetic pulse shorting any electronics in a certain vicinity. This grenade is one of the most advanced, allowing the pulse to be set from 10 feet anywhere to 100 feet. This grenade has no effect on humans and most types of aliens but can be very devastating to the enemy when they all find their weapons won’t fire. Because of concerns of frying your own ship, this grenade is most used in Hullbreachers or rocket launchers.


Acid Grenade

An acid grenade is a formidable weapon. They come in three strengths, green, orange, and red. Green grenades are generally used against electronics, bio computers, and documents. Because of this, many large companies have these grenades rigged in their security system to protect secrets. Orange grenades are used when green grenades are either too weak to dissolve the material, or if more speed is required. These grenades are also able to dissolve living materials with ease. Red grenades are the most dangerous, able to eat through inches of metal in seconds. All these types of grenades use the same ignition system, and a small charge sends the acid flying.


Needle Grenade

The needle grenade is an anti-personnel grenade only. It uses pressurized gas to propel several hundred inch long needles in all directions. The needles travel about 20 feet before deploying fins to slow them down, becoming harmless within 3 feet after deploying fins. Because of the compressed gas needle grenades are commonly used in fragile environments where lethal force is desired but a normal grenade could damage equipment.


All these grenade types can fit into the Xenith rocket launcher or Hullbreacher. They can also be set for duration (smoke and gas), and time till detonation.


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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Cheka Man
June 1, 2010, 23:06
Only voted
Voted Scrasamax
June 2, 2010, 9:21
A solid list of basic grenades
Voted Silveressa
January 12, 2011, 7:12

Handy for those seeking a quick listing of common grenades.

Perhaps expanding to add a few of the more exotic types such as, liquid nitrogen, acid, implosion, homing, EMP, and smart grenades?

With a little extra time and effort you could probably turn this to a 30's style sub in no time. ;)

Voted valadaar
May 12, 2013, 23:14
Some interesting ones here. A 30 is a distinct possibility here.

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