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February 5, 2008, 1:01 pm

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Brumborion's Sword


Brumborion’s blade, the fang of the north, ice razor, the glacial sword, Givone’s Favor

Full Item Description
The same size and weight as a regular bastard sword, or hand-and-a-half sword, this blade is unique in that from tip to pommel the entire weapon is made of translucent ice. To protect the swordsman’s hand the haft is wrapped in thick leather.

Brumborion was an average barbarian who did something rather remarkable, and since the deed and his eventual death, the tale has grown in the telling. Hailing from the Ice Wolves tribe of the Saerithian hinterlands, Brumborion would have been content to spend his life stalking the elk, and raiding his neighbors and the soft elves of the lowlands. But fate intervened as it often unwantedly does. The shaman of the tribe, who had never really liked the barbarian, decided that he needed to go on a dangerous and trying quest.

While the stories tell of a paragon barbarian warrior hacking trolls into pieces, harnessing ice giants to pull his war sledge, and tossing furs with dozens of maidens, from Ilar Harjor to the Jokelsmorder. The true story is a single man facing the brutality of a hyperborean winter. Most of the things that sought to make Brumborion a meal ended up in his belly and skinned to help keep the warrior warm.

The barbarian found the grand ruins of a fallen empire and from those ruins he encountered one of the ghosts of the ice and was desperate for a weapon. During this part of the tale, Brumborion is visited by a potent god of ice, or draws the blade from the very ice of the land itself. What is known is that the sword retains it’s shape as easily as steel, and wont melt even in the face of extreme heat. The blade has been formed from a single unmarred piece of pure elemental ice, a solid representation of coldness.

Brumborion used the weapon to cut down the ghosts, dispelling them long enough to escape. On his return trip, the blade made quick work of the foes that assailed him. The shaman was shocked when the warrior returned from his quest clutching an obviously magical implement, his face haggard but his eyes bright as jewels. Brumborion was given the hand of the chieftan’s daughter as bride-prize and took the cheiftan’s place when the elderly warrior was slain by an ice dragon. The sword later became a symbol of Brumborion’s blood lineage, but was eventually lost when much of the Ice Wolf tribe was lost in a brutal series of raids that blossomed into a four year war with the Snow Falcons tribe.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Brumborion’s Sword is an exceptional hand and a half sword in terms of attack and damage. The weapon deals double or better damage against fire based creatures, and easily cuts through most armors, turning leather dry and brittle and metal more likely to shatter. This mostly comes from the fact that the sword is a barbarian weapon, and it defeats artificial armors since such things are uncommon among the tribes. Magical armors retain their bonuses, and magical metal armors keep half of their overall defense rating as well.

Redux of the Ice Brand / Ice sword trope. Inspired by a giant icicle found in holiday section at Wal-Mart that was rather well balanced and sword-like

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Cheka Man
October 22, 2007, 11:40
A great magical weapon to have.
Voted valadaar
October 22, 2007, 12:52
I think it is a good take on the ice sword. Not extraordinary however.

Its creation could be more specific - vague histories are great for PCs' but I'd like more detail on why it was created.

The backstory is cool with a Conanesque feel.
Voted manfred
October 22, 2007, 13:13
I really wanted to say a few things, but val pointed out everything I wanted to. Good work!

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