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October 18, 2016


How do you measure a year? Interstellar Chronologies.

        By: axlerowes

100 Word Piece of Sci-fi Minutia

Systems (Technical/ Mechanical) (Specific) | Comments: 2

October 13, 2016


Bull. Bear and Dragon Markets

        By: axlerowes

The Gold Standard

Locations (City) (Any) | Comments: 5

October 12, 2016


7 Medics

        By: Cheka Man

Whenever there is conflict or disease you will find medical men and women trying to heal the sick and the maimed. Most are perfectly good people, but by no means not all of them. Whilst many live to serve and do their best for those who they treat, a minority will harm or even kill them, accidentally or otherwise.

NPCs (Scenario Based) (Knowledge/Lore) | Comments: 1

October 8, 2016

Society/ Organizations

Dress Code of the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return

        By: Scrasamax

Chartered in Royal Year 618, the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return, was intended as a guideline to deal with and control the increasing number of men and women who were taking up arms and pursuing a career in heroism and adventurism. The guild would police it's own, and function as an odd jobs mercenary corporation, subservient to the crown, and supportive of the clerics.

Society/ Organizations (Ethnic/Cultural) (Country/ State) | Comments: 2

October 7, 2016


7 Canyons

        By: Cheka Man

Seven twisty canyons for the PCs to pass through and explore on their way to carry out their main quest.

Locations (Area) (Mountains) | Comments: 1

October 5, 2016


Unique goodiebags for players

        By: Clemmensen

When starting a new role playing game or when the players reach a major milestone in the story, they can be treated with a “Goodiebag”, which unique to their character.

Articles (Character) (Players) | Comments: 2

September 20, 2016


Seyann Phenoclade

        By: Scrasamax

Post-Racial template for the Cosmic Era

Lifeforms (Constructed) (Any) | Comments: 0

September 19, 2016


Brothers, Gods and a Giant Skeletonize

        By: axlerowes

A story for Tusserk's writing game.

Articles (Fiction) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 4

September 18, 2016


The Daily Discourse

        By: Scrasamax

In the Cosmic Era, the Daily Discourse consists of the talking points and dialog guides laid out by the masterminds and controllers behind the media. Here is your opinion, bite sized for easy consumption.

Plots (Crisis) (Encounter) | Comments: 1

September 17, 2016


Cosmic Era Media and Entertainment

        By: Scrasamax

The greedy, obnoxious, exploitative things the entertainment industry does in the Cosmic Era

Systems (Artistic/Performance) (Specific) | Comments: 0

September 13, 2016


Able Blank

        By: Scrasamax

Able Blank is a disposable asset, a walking talking abomination and crime against humanity.

NPCs (Scenario Based) (Criminal/Espionage) | Comments: 1

The Scribe of Far Wind

        By: Longspeak

Immortality, at any cost

Articles (Fiction) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 4

September 12, 2016


Kleinshe Field Generator

        By: Scrasamax

Also known as a Klein Field Generator, it is one of the few defensive technologies that can withstand high energy and gravitronic weaponry

Items (Armor) (Combat) | Comments: 0

September 11, 2016


Nerve Stapling

        By: Scrasamax

Nerve Stapling is considered a vile and barbaric act, the orbital lobotomy of the Cosmic Era.

Systems (Divine/ Spirit) (Specific) | Comments: 0
Society/ Organizations

Reseach Accelerator

        By: Scrasamax

The research and development process is often a lengthy and arduous one. In the Cosmic Era, it is often just a matter of time and luck to see who breaks the next barrier in arcanotech.

Society/ Organizations (Technical) (Area) | Comments: 0

Non-Military Cruiser

        By: Scrasamax

A cruiser is a ship capable of extended operations, not requiring regular resupply. Non-Military cruisers are heavy ships operated by megacorps, nations, and other interests, but are not armed.

Items (SpaceShips) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 2

September 10, 2016



        By: Scrasamax

Epidazzling is a common cosmetic accessory in the Cosmic Era

Items (Home/ Personal) (Magical) | Comments: 2

September 6, 2016


4 Sentences NPC Generator

        By: Moonlake

Content for the 4 Sentences NPC Generator (original idea accruing to Mourn over at the 4 Sentences Tool)

Articles (Resource) (Gaming - In General) | Comments: 1

September 5, 2016



        By: Scrasamax

Pioneering new vistas in technology, the Kanmusu are sentient autonomous ships.

Lifeforms (Constructed) (Space) | Comments: 1
Society/ Organizations

The Utopia Initiative

        By: Scrasamax

Presented in the Person/Machine/Moment format

Society/ Organizations (Natural) (World Wide) | Comments: 1

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