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January 20, 2017


Sister Karnage

        By: Aramax

Gonzo NPC freetext 100 word Freetext Friday

NPCs (Major) (Religious) | Comments: 1

The Star of Fury

       By: valadaar

A ruby of immense size, this stone was once the eye of a deity of war. When properly commanded by long lost rituals, the huge gem will rise into the sky, glowing brightly. Visible for miles, all who look upon it in its full radiance will be filled with intense homicidal rage.

January 20, 2017 | View | UpVote 4xp

The Hammer of Luun

       By: valadaar

The hammer of a war-god avatar, this massive weapon must be wielded by a giant or other supernaturally strong being. When struck against the ground, a massive seismic wave will propagate outward from the wielder subjecting all in its wake to a massive earthquake. This quake is strong enough to shatter castle walls.

January 20, 2017 | View | UpVote 4xp

January 19, 2017


30 Problems With Swords

        By: Cheka Man

The sword may be a famous and fearsome weapon, but even the best of them may have problems with it

Articles (Scenario) (Citadel Help) | Comments: 0


        By: Scrasamax

30 patrons to encounter in the Library of Celaeno

NPCs (Extras) (Travelers) | Comments: 5

Wine of Sarnnii

       By: valadaar

Made from the tears of a bound goddess, this magical wine has the power to charm or dominate any who imbibe even the faintest quantity. Once affected, it remains dormant until the victim hears a special magical phrase, upon which they will be magically bound to the speaker. Enterprising villains could drop this into the water supply of an important city..

January 19, 2017 | View | UpVote 4xp

The Abyssal Key

       By: valadaar

A massive iron key - 2’ length, 20lbs forged from the bones and horns of demon-lords. When used with a massive portal - carefully built according to documents found in powerful books of evil knowledge, it will open into the realm of demons and allow them to flood into the world. The applications of this item for villains are obvious. Mortals touching this item directly will suffer very dire consequences.

January 19, 2017 | View | UpVote 4xp

Targio’s Defoliator

       By: valadaar

Appearing a small ballista bolt, this ‘bolt’ is actually an arrow used by a god from a long-dead pantheon. Some sages theorize it was a weapon crafted by Loki to slay the world tree. Why it was never used escapes them however.
The spear has a divine-level anti-plant effect. When driven into the soil point first, an ever widening circle of destruction radiates out from the point, killing any plant material. Perfect for holding a kingdom’s food supply for ransom. Any who bear this device are cursed so any plant-based materials they touch crumbles to ash.

January 19, 2017 | View | UpVote 4xp

January 15, 2017


30 reasons why Magic is mainly used for evil

        By: Cheka Man

Why is most magic used for evil? Well, because...

Articles (Scenario) (Gaming - In General) | Comments: 3

The Spitzkoppe Excavation

        By: Scrasamax

The Spitzkoppe Excavation was the most important archeological discovery in human history

Plots (Discovery) (Campaign) | Comments: 3

January 14, 2017


Battleships of the Cosmic Era

        By: Scrasamax

The definition of a battleship is a warship with extensive armor and large caliber guns.

Items (SpaceShips) (Combat) | Comments: 3

January 10, 2017


Anemone Hydra

        By: valadaar

The Hydra Anemone is a powerful ambush predator found off the hidden Isle of Manjoo. The sorcerous energies there undoubtedly spawning this submarine horror.

Lifeforms (Fauna) (Water) | Comments: 2

January 7, 2017


Fortress Maximus

        By: Scrasamax

Non-Canonical for the Cosmic Era, written for Battleship Freetext Challenge

Items (SpaceShips) (Magical) | Comments: 3

Neam Octillio

        By: Scrasamax

The Neam Octillio is a crystal data matrix that contains and estimated 10 to the 27th power pages of data, all sourced from the Imbrian dynasty

Items (Computers) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 0

January 3, 2017


Eschaton Treatise

        By: Scrasamax

An Imbrian data cube that houses the formula and schematics for creating a psychic beacon

Items (Computers) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 1

January 2, 2017


Emigre Codex

        By: Scrasamax

A large portable data drive that contains all the vital information for creating human clones

Items (Computers) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 0

December 29, 2016



        By: Scrasamax

The fortress stronghold of the Anunnaki

Locations (World) (Space) | Comments: 1

Invader Class

        By: Scrasamax

The Invader is a class of multi-role multi-environment general use armored vehicle deployed by the Anunnaki.

Items (Transports) (Combat) | Comments: 0

December 28, 2016


Ta'Xet and Ultima

        By: Scrasamax

The great paradoxes of the Universe is that everything follows almost exactly the same course, yet in doing so, is somehow still unique and with importance and value.

Articles (Humor/ Editorial) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 0


        By: Scrasamax

A praesidium is the Cosmic Era equivalent of the communes and bastions of the Great Awakening in Pre-Petrol America.

Locations (Establishment) (Any) | Comments: 0

7 Things about Writing Women

        By: Scrasamax

7 Things about writing women in fiction.


Articles (Humor/ Editorial) (Gaming - In General) | Comments: 1


        By: Scrasamax

Alternate forms of matter

Items (Materials) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 1
Society/ Organizations

Religion in the Cosmic Era

        By: Scrasamax

A treatise covering the major religions and role of religion in the Cosmic Era

Society/ Organizations (Religious) (Trans World) | Comments: 1

The August Emperor of Jade

        By: Scrasamax

Tsang Wuqiong, the August Emperor of Jade, the Infinite King

NPCs (Major) (Political) | Comments: 1

December 26, 2016



        By: Scrasamax

The pursuit for immortality is over, eternity is now.

Locations (Other) (Other) | Comments: 2

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