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April 28, 2015


7 Things Wrong with Godzilla 2014

        By: Scrasamax

Everything wrong with the 2014 Godzilla

Spoilers, obviously

Articles (Humor/ Editorial) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 0

April 27, 2015


A man becomes a bow, a bow a man.

        By: Murometz

The bow is a highly intelligent weapon, with memories and plans. The wielder of the bow is a brainless zombie, who is still perfectly capable of wielding the weapon. Together, they're an NPC.

NPCs (Minor) (Mystical) | Comments: 2

April 25, 2015


Ezalim the Fallen

        By: Ted

The oldest surviving angel no longer fights for the same reasons.

NPCs (Major) (Mystical) | Comments: 0

April 23, 2015


Cosmic Era: Predator Tech

        By: Scrasamax

Converting the technology of the Yuatja, aka the Predators, into Cosmic Era gear.

Items (Equipment Listing) (Combat) | Comments: 0

April 22, 2015


Feather-Dusters of Dra'Solme Tsolyul

        By: Murometz

Unusual weapons from an unusual world.

Items (Melee Weapons) (Magical) | Comments: 5

Skeleton Bow

        By: Scrasamax

An unstrung and useless piece of cold wood, unless you happen to be dead.

Items (Ranged Weapons) (Cursed) | Comments: 3

April 21, 2015


Vaakri's Empyral Bow

        By: Dozus

Suddenly an east wind blew, and far above the clouds rolled and folded. Where there were once whisps of white there was now a long cloud formed in the shape of a recurved bow. Malakh bowed her head in humility. "That which you have asked is granted you, O Warrior."

...Vaakri reached and stretched, grasping at the sky. At first he seized nothing, but his heart was filled with the Empyrean Emir's winds and light, and finally he grasped the bow from the far sky and drew it to the earth.

- The legend of Vaakri

Items (Ranged Weapons) (Heroic) | Comments: 4

April 19, 2015


Vingian Array

        By: Scrasamax

All the advantages of a hive mind, without all the horrible world and society destroying disadvantages of a hive mind, a sort of compromise if you will.

Lifeforms (Constructed) (Any) | Comments: 0

April 16, 2015



        By: Scrasamax

Massive beasts, the man made creations of Doctor Meredith Ermindgarde and an early success of the Arasaard Project.

Lifeforms (Constructed) (Tundra/ Arctic) | Comments: 0

April 14, 2015


Earth 3582

        By: Nimblefinder

It is the year 3582 on Earth and nothing is as it should be, my 1998 encyclopedia describes a beautiful, peaceful world. How do we get that world back? How do we close these gates and restore the Earth?

Locations (TransWorld) (Any) | Comments: 1

Autonomous Robotics Sentinel Series

        By: Scrasamax

Say hello to our large robot friends. You will find them kind, generous, compassionate, and friendly. They are strong enough to lift several tons with one arm, but gentle enough to pick up an infant. Unharmed.

~ Salazar Vector

Lifeforms (Constructed) (City/ Ruin) | Comments: 0

April 12, 2015



        By: Scrasamax

When a human mind occupies a machine body it's called a cyborg. When it is done remotely, it's a drone. When a machine mind occupies a human body, it's called a crime. You humans are simply disingenuous when it comes to dealing with anything that isn't you.

Testimony of Achilles L/AISC

Lifeforms (Constructed) (Any) | Comments: 2

April 7, 2015


7 Things Wrong with Transformers: Age of Extinction

        By: Scrasamax

Op-ed regarding the baygasm that is Age of Extinction. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the movie.

Articles (Humor/ Editorial) (Gaming - In General) | Comments: 5

April 6, 2015


7 Market Items

        By: Cheka Man

Seven things that a PC could find at a market that could be of some use.

Items (Equipment Listing) (Non-Magical) | Comments: 2

March 24, 2015


Project Dynamo Atlas

        By: Scrasamax

A first generation supersoldier program, Dynamo Atlas was a success, and there are still a good number of these 'titans' alive and active

NPCs (Major) (Combative) | Comments: 1

March 18, 2015


30 More Pirates

        By: Scrasamax

A Revised and improved collection of scallywags, scoundrels, and nautical ne'er do wells.

NPCs (Minor) (Criminal/Espionage) | Comments: 2

The Five Crowns

        By: Scrasamax

Five crowns were created to bind together five regions into a single powerful kingdom, while a sixth crown was created to control the five.

Pity that someone went and destroyed the Crown of Crowns

Items (Jewelry) (Cursed) | Comments: 0

The Tower of Mok

        By: Scrasamax

A hoary old tower that serves as the lair of a necromancer, but not is all as it seems.

Locations (Fortification) (Swamp) | Comments: 0


        By: Scrasamax

Big monsters and low lifes

Articles (Fiction) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 0


        By: Scrasamax

Screenery - the images and loops shown on large screens and monitors inside space stations, arcos, and geofronts to counter the feeling of oppression or claustrophobia that can occur in such enclosed locations.

Items (Art and Music) (Non-Magical) | Comments: 0

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