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September 4, 2007, 3:32 pm

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orbs - Orbs - ORBS!


Thirteen hundred years ago, a mad powerful wizard had an estate in the area that became the county of Corvis. Over his 800 year span, he created thousands of magikal items of various types and power level. While many were "mighty", there were a large number of lesser and trivial orbs and trinkets. This is their scroll

Long, long ago, there were a couple of linked magic items. Then the "great and mighty" Corvus the Mad was created to link them. The Few became The Many. For a time, it seemed all I could post was magic orbs and Kerren dragons. And we talked about the possibilities, Manfred and I. While many of the Orbs were mighty, there must of been a few lesser orbs. This is their scroll.

(And for minor orbs made good, it is a codex as well).

Full Item Description
All of these items were originally made as assistants and aides for Corvus. (Some were given as gifts, but very few.) Since they have outlasted him and anyone who knew much about them, they are now free to follow their own agendas.

* This scroll is for the minor orbs who have not yet grown into full power. All the orbs grow over time, becoming more intelligent and more powerful over time.

Most of the minor orbs started as "not very bright" capable of doing one single task. However they all can learn how to do their job better. (You can see in the progression of Warmer). 

*) Lesser orbs have no real ability to influence and manipulate the minds. They can occasionally communicate with others.

*) The ability to communicate with any other Orb at any range, if it desires. Usually minor orbs talk with minor orbs and major orbs talk with major orbs, seldom do the groups mix. There is a whole hierarchy among the orbs based on their old positions in the tower and their current estimates,

*) The ability to block or diffuse the power of another orb, 100% magik resistance against orb magik. It can sometimes grant that ability to others or use the power at range. This can make any orb a valuable addition.

*) The ability to be nearly unbreakable, as they are crystal after all.

*) 1-3 Magikal/ spell abilities to fufill its original purpose as a tool for Corvus. However, all the orbs could learn and improve upon their magic spells. Over time they have.

Go read the Corvus post, then look through some of the Orbs. That is your history.

Also read Warmer aka Garnar’hklorrrathhhh post:499     
It will give you an idea of how far a minor orb can go in the world.

Magic/Cursed Properties
See above. Remember that all magics that Corvus touched are a "little off". Thus the orbs are not always the most rational entities in the world.

Additional Ideas (9)


Officially, the Orb of Muse. (Try as we might, we could not stop ourselves from calling it Elvis). The orb has the ability to grant musicality and instrument skill to those in its immediate area. It has the ablity to bring a performer up to the abilities of a "master" bard. This is not additive to the performers existing skill, this just grants them an effective skill/ ability level if their skill/ ability level is lower than the minimum master rank. For a novice this is quite a jump; for a journeyman, a small one, for a true master, there is no improvement at all.

This orb was kept in the "bard's corner", so any minstral or so called bard could entertain Corvus without damaging his musical sensabilities. After the Voop, this item has waundered about as a "secret item", passed from Bard to Bard, over the last few centuries.

The orb fancies itself as "The Master of Musical Trends". This is a boast it has yet to actually make good on, "philistines... they would not know good music if it bit them."

Sometimes other orbs try and talk with it, mining it for useful information, "Why yes, we did play at Lords Malcom's dinner. We did a rousing set of ... what? No, I don't think that lord was there... was he tall? Could he dance? Oh, I think he was there. He stumbled through one set and sat down, " to little success.

2006-02-08 01:34 PM » Link: [2311#12006|text]
Sphere of Sharpness

There are dozens of these items. He incorporated them into a set of kitchen knives. It makes said knives "always razor sharp", rust proof, and nearly indestructable. There is only one left in a kitchen knife. (It is in the kitchen of the King whos country has The Crystal Sphere). The rest of the Spheres have been pulled out and reset into the pommels of various swords.

Thus there are many magic swords with silly smart ass personalities and a penchant for cooking and cusine floating throughout the world.

2006-02-08 01:51 PM » Link: [2311#12007|text]
Orbs of Swishing
There are three of these orbs, but only one has a known location. These orbs are fairly basic things, the allow for the sweeping away of dirt, dust, and sand. The orbs could magically move it to swish out of a room or into a dust bin. The staff called it a dust parade. Sometimes the orbs would have fun with it, having the dust "bounce"/ march around the room before they deposited in the bin, all if the staff hummed a parade song.

Now this seems like a really minor item, but as they have grown in power over the centuries, someone has put one to extreme uses. (NPC coming)

2006-02-09 01:46 PM » Link: [2311#12026|text]
These could easily create a boogeyman of sorts, a dust golem if you will, to spook people and similar fun.

2006-12-11 02:40 PM » Link: [2311#22641|text]

Now wait. Could they, after having centuries to grow in power, create sandstorms? In desert conditions, they could be veritable gods to fear and worship!

2008-01-06 11:03 AM » Link: [2311#33557|text]
Welcome to the NPC I am tinkering with He is a rogue/ conman who has now become the Sand People's Messiah. Now what started as a con has turned into reality, as this guy is begining to feel the truth of his role.

2008-01-06 12:03 PM » Link: [2311#33558|text]
Improved Sphere of Sharpness

With all those sharp knives you will sooner or later cut yourself! And poor Corvus did, too, not only once. Thus he sat himself one day, and pondered for only a while, what to do, and how to improve the basic design. The Improved Orb of Sharpness is similar, if a bit more powerful in its function to the other orbs. It is beautifully sharp to dead matter, but hopelessly blunt to anything living. It became Corvus' favourite knife and tool.

And a few centuries later... it became The Sacred Blade, a potent tool against undead. Strangely, it wasn't remade into a sword, but is kept by the church as a holy relic, occassionaly entrusted to a worthy carrier. Note that while it can slay most material undead (and is even dangerous to immaterial undead) it is still a knife, a short weapon with which you have to get to your enemy _very_ close... which is not very safe with undead. It cuts undead flesh - or bones - like butter.

And personality-wise? This Orb was the Master's personal tool and turned into a holy weapon, that are legends told of, and noble quests spun around. To say it is a snob is quite an understatement.

2006-04-13 04:25 PM » Link: [2311#14401|text]
Orb Born

Some are born, some die. Some are born a bit different, with talents most don't have.

Unique Option: someone can hear parts of the Orbs' communication. Sentences, or just a few words now and then. It could get a little more, when (s)he gets closer to some Orb, but not much. Sometimes the words make no sense without context, but sometimes they can become heavily relevant, to the world's happenings or to the person itself, if it is important enough. Could become a seer of sorts, or keep this a secret (s)he is too afraid to make known. Gives more depth to a character.

2006-12-10 01:52 PM » Link: [2311#22582|text]
The crazy people shuffling down the street - mumbling about the voices. They cover their heads with metal pieces to block the voices. "The spheres"... "The spheres".

It is true. Depending on which Orb realizes you are listening in, you could go a wide variety of directions.

Most orbs would just influence your brain to forget this... thus you would become the crazy people shuffling along.

Some would use you as a tool, making you a public figure in the Storm Druids cult, or a spy for the government, an agent of discovery for the 5 library orbs, or a "hero" for the Orb of Corvin, and so9 on.

Of course other Orbs would hunt you down as a danger... The Dark Eye would become your nemesis... and all the monsters at its disposal would be hunting you.

If you were smart and could keep a handle on it, you would keep quiet and try to ignore the voices.

Of course, if you check out The Silver Stars and The Hand, maybe being Orb Born is a requirement to being a member of The Hand.

2006-12-10 01:58 PM » Link: [2311#22584|text]
One stolen from someone else -

The Orb of Communion:
A massive (1.5 meter diameter) globe of polished black stone, set atop a square 2m across, 1m high pillar of grey granite. The top of the pillar is hollowed out, so that only the top half of the Orb shows. Any entity within 30m of the Orb is in full Mindlink with every other entity: which means they have access to all of their spells, skills, magic points, and knowledge. The Orb is extremely heavy, but it could theoretically be moved. However, it is likely to be found in some heavily guarded magical area.

2006-12-10 01:52 PM » Link: [2311#22583|text]
This is an approved Orb. We need to make a location for this... perhaps the Ancient Hall of Diplomacy.

2006-12-10 02:17 PM » Link: [2311#22586|text]
The Orb of Television

Yes, it was inevitable: a TV orb, that slowly enslaves people through displaying nice and coulourful pictures.

Being a slave to the TV orb currently, I can appreciate the power contained in it. Originally a simple relaxing aid, in using its power of omnivision, it will display beautiful natural scenes, landscapes, creatures and plants, festivals of exotic faraway people, and so on, and so on. And thus it thrills all people that look into it.

The catch is, all this fascinating views, in order to spare magical power, are of little consequence in the grander scheme of things. So for instance you might get to see little skirmishes, but never the important parts of a war. There is plenty of useful knowledge to gain about the world, pity the viewer so rarely bothers to leave the orb.

A particularly strong-willed character (or under magical protection) could push it towards showing something particular - but the clause about importance of things seen stands.

And the Orb itself? It just wants to be seen...

2006-12-11 02:53 PM » Link: [2311#22644|text]
The Orb of Quiet Bliss

Over his 800 some odd years, Strolen had many people who thought they were his apprentices. He did actually managed to teach them some magical skills, but mostly he was just there to distract them. Though they did managed to pick up some tips and techniques under his random ramblings. In fact, many of the Great Mages of that bygone era were "tutored" by Corvus.

One of the first generations of apprentices (and a journeyman who hung around) was a Neila. Neila was by all accounts ... ummm... opinionated. She was highly organized and driven to be organized. In many ways she was the Anti-Corvus. She organized the household, supply lines, and everyone's sock drawers. Her main motivational technique was a sharp tongue which she used to lash anyone that was not doing what she thought she should be doing.

Corvus was a mild mannered soul. He was not prone to being annoyed. But even he had a limit. Neila occasionally bothered even him. In a fit of directed madness, he solved the issue.

This tiny unassuming orb is worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. It makes people around the wearer (and the wearer as well) calmer and more sensative to the feelings and needs of others. For a while Corvus kept it with him, as a Talisman against Neila's nagging. Then in a moment of alturism, he gave Neila the talisman. Thus the inhabitants of the entire tower (and grounds) were relaxed and happier. While Neila kept organizing the world (and continued to do so as the First Chair of the Magic Council), she was much nicer about it.

The Orb was passed from to her first apprentice at her death. That chain of gifting continued until the untimely death of one wizard. Thus the Orb was free into the world. Using coincidence, he move from place to place until it found people who needed relief from those of the nagging persuasion. While many orbs have greater goals, this one contributes to domestic bliss across the world.

2008-01-05 03:05 PM » Link: [2311#33517|text]
Orb of Glass Creation

This is not yet an official orb

The craftsmen around the Tower became master glass blowers and ceramic experts. Corvus was always asking for this or that. Sometimes he just wanted them. Other times he enchanted them. Other times he forgot that he asked for it. They could not keep up with his demands (rational, irration, or forgotten) To compound this issue, his craftsmen could not get the materials they needed to make what he wanted in a timely fashion.

Given some assistance from some of the apprentices and journeymen for the planning of materials and timing of things, Corvus was given a gift by his craftsmen. He was given a perfectly spherical glass of incredible purity via alchemical components. With a deft touch of manipulation, the crew managed to nudge Corvus into making a specific orb.

This orb can creates glass and clear crystals. In an odd twist, it requires someone to be familiar with glass and crystal to utilize the item, rather than anyone. In an afternoon, an apprentice could create dozens of glass "blanks" that could be shaped, molded, or even cast. In the hands of an expert, exquisite perfectly spherical orbs can be created, or giant etched windows, or pieces that look to be beautifully blown glass.

This orb allowed the craftsmen to keep up with the glass needs of Corvus and his apprentices.

The Voop sent this orb to Southern Allerden. Somehow it has fallen into the hands of the Glassmen's Guild in Talinth. (Vague rumors say it arrived in the factory in a batch of sand). Talinth was already known for the beautiful pale green glass produced there. The most stunning use of Talinth glass is the Cathedral of Lights, with its twenty eight hundred and thirty seven windows. These windows are all of odd curved shapes tucked away in the many angular towers, buttresses, and nooks. The rest of Talinth is filled with mirrors, windows, glass accents (many interior walls have round glass insets), orb lanterns, and blown glass trinkets. Shops will even have clear glass windows to show off their goods spilling soft light on the night time streets. The Orb is now the property of the Glassmen's Guild Master and is used occasionally by him or one of the factory masters for either production of special projects or just to produce a mass of glass in quicker time for special projects.

This orb is only vaguely sentient even after all these centuries. This is a common occurance of the "elemental" orbs (those that specifically make/ control a material) - as they are the most base of the Orbs. It likes to be used and feel needed, so it is content to continue to work here.

2008-01-06 02:37 AM » Link: [2311#33552|text]
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Comments ( 16 )
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Voted manfred
February 9, 2006, 11:08
Yeah. It is an okey submission, bonus for the fond memories on this area of discussion.

Now if I just could remember all the others we have mentioned now and then...
February 9, 2006, 11:18
Besides Elvis, there is Lady Green, and The Bone, but these were "named" or majorish Orbs that have yet to be done. We also have the Order of the Forgotten to do.

But most of the others, were to be based upon things that were helpful around the house or the lab or the zoo, that taken out of their context (and with their increased power) have become notable.
February 10, 2006, 17:54
People should feel free to post their own minor orb ideas here.
Barbarian Horde
May 24, 2006, 3:22
I thought it said this was a role playing site. Where'd you ever hear about the Crosind Weird (whom you so quaintly call Corvus the Mad)? Where does your family come from? And what in heaven's name are you doing bringing him up here?! One of his ‘spheres’ (some call them ‘psi-balls’), the one he made to rid the castle of occasional rats, recently turned up at a ranch in north east Utah, owned at the time by a couple named Gorman. It vaporized three of their dogs. There’s an account of it in ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’, a report on the NIDS investigation by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp. And the ones he wanted to trim his beard, seemed to have a problem with that. He made several attempts. No doubt you’ve heard of the mysterious ‘cattle mutilations’. And that little ‘accident’, as you call it, may have been significantly less ‘unfortunate’ than it appeared.

If you’ll excuse me, i have work to do. No, it’s certainly not ‘Stalking the Wild Asparagus’.

i’ll be in touch. If you’re a blood relative... i’ll want to know where you are. For your own good.

Best of luck (hoping you won’t need it),
May 24, 2006, 11:56
Non-Sequitor strikes. Uftah!
September 23, 2006, 15:56
Updated: updated link
December 10, 2006, 13:51
Human Control: How many can an Orb control at once? How often? Orbs were certainly not built for this, they learned it through the ages, as their personality developed, and wisdom grew. Do they all know this, or only some selected/luckier/wiser/more powerful? I think this might be one of the key differences between them True Orbs and the other 1600 "Orbies". Ummm... is there at least one that refuses to control and influence humanoids entirely? There should be.

What if they can control only one person at a time? That should make things clear. They could risk moments when all depends on one person, but avoid situations, where they must dominate more. Dreams may do the trick, but at some point the mortals WILL have space for their free will. Not even the Orbs have power over everything.
December 10, 2006, 14:06
I don't think of them as having mind control. I think of them being able to influence minds, minor shifts in thought, perhaps planting an idea. One person at a time would not be a bad thing. But I have left this vauge so the mind control can be up to anyone's decision.

To be honest, I think of it in Champions/ Hero system terms as 10 dice of Mind Control. If they focus on one target, they have 10 dice against them ( enough to get people to do anything not immediately self distructive unless they roll well (40 on 10d6). So if they want to influence several people at a time, they might have 5d6 for the two or 3d6 for 3 (enough for a minor impulse that a person might do any ways).

All the Orbs have telepathy and mindscan of sorts. That way they could sense and recieve commands from Corvus or whoever he gave them to. Telepathic orders means general telepathy. Scanning would be required to find Corvus or who ever was to give them orders. Thus mindcontrol of some level is just an extension of that same mental skill.

If they are smart, they are subtle. You see, mind control is always easy to resist if you know it is happening. However, if you don't know it is happening and the orders don't seem to go against your nature... you just think they are your own idea. And then nobody traces the change back to you. Since they never sleep and will anticipate various "future concerns", they will hae a plan or two in place in case of trouble.. they will have mind manipulated people in place ready to go.
December 16, 2006, 13:42
Note to self: Orb of Glass Creation
December 16, 2006, 22:00
How very...not quite right.
January 6, 2008, 2:42
I have done it. I am not 100% happy with it, but 70% is fairly good. I have done two orbs today (The Orb of Quiet Bliss and Orb of Glass Creation). It feels good to do an orb again... kind of a "comfort post".

I am also linking to Bromine Lake which is an orb, but isn't. This isn't a minor orb technically, but it is just an odd part of the world.


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