The Meretrix is a female only genetic modification with the intended purpose of creating a sex clone. Meretrices have certain features that mark them as such; disproportionately large and round breasts, full lips, and a highly symmetrical physiology. They have a natural disposition to what is commonly called Resting Duck Face, a natural expression of pursed lips.


Enhanced Pheromones: the meretrix is designed to appeal to the animalistic urge to mate, and produces chemical triggers in their natural body odor that draws males and excites them sexually.

Enhanced Tailored Immune System: Meretrices are engineered to be highly resistant or immune to most common and uncommon sexually transmitted diseases. This runs over into a general increase in immune system activity, but it is only marginal compared to a general issue enhanced immune system.

Limbic Erotic Enhancement: Meretrices are genetically wired to enjoy sex. Biochemically, they are addicted to their own orgasms and if they go too long with experiencing one, they can demonstrate symptoms consistent with drug withdrawal or biofeedback inhibition.

Sterility: Meretrices are default sterile. They can be chemically 'activated' and can then become pregnant. A sterile meretrix does not have a menstrual cycle.

Origin and History

The demand for sex workers has been touted as the oldest profession. When cloning and genetic engineering became a big business, it was quite simply logical that someone start designing clones for the sole purpose of being sex workers. This was considered a viable option as there was a certain lack of manpower available, and it made no sense for perfectly capable and intelligent women to waste their lives trapped in brothels and whore houses. The meretrix clone template was created and the resulting sex clones were created and introduced to the public.

Superficially the meretrices don't identify as sex clones, a lot don't know they are clones. They are lower income to poor residents of various cities and they work in a specialized niche. This is a generalization, as it isn't uncommon for popular athletes, entertainers and other celebrities to have a number of meretrices in their entourage.

Several nations retain large numbers of clones, especially in menial and military occupations. There clones were typically male, but retained certain physical desires, so the nations that have clone infrastructure have meretrices to function as part of that aspect of clone society. These largely unskilled and low education clones have double jobs, doing support related jobs, such as personal assistant, non-trained medical assistant, assistant inspector, and assistant menial labor. (Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny) This has functioned as part of the social divide between cloned humans and natural born humans, with signs of deviance involving human girls sleeping with clone men, or rebellious young men exploiting and abusing clone women.

Specific Uses

The Chinese Initiative: in an attempt to ethnographically annex states around Chine, the Chinese have taken the step of exporting meretrix genetic templates and using them to denigrate regional gene pools. With reduced fertility, the local population dwindles over time, while the immigrant Chinese population grows. This is traditionally done by 'contaminating' gene treatments. People in cities outside of China think they are protecting their unborn children from cancer and other genetic diseases (they are) but are unwittingly sterilizing their child, as well as skewing the gender demographic strongly towards the female side. This is a popular and hotly contested conspiracy theory inside of the ACPS.

Have Bum, Will Travel: The Atlantic Federation relies extensively on military clones for it's boots on the ground, supplementing the skeletron and auton military forces they have. The gene cosmetologists in the Federation have gone to a retro resource for their meretrix programs, creating pin up models and bomb shell sex clone templates. These women are trained and employed in Entertainment units, and play music, dance, carry conversations and generally mingle with soldiers, clone or otherwise, and then take them to their bunks.

Misogyny Never Really Dies: In the Cosmic Era there is a notion that humanity has moved on from it's petty and pointless discriminations of the past. Meretrices are much more likely to experience harassment, violence and murder than natural born women. It is a part of the discrimination and prejudice against clones in the era. The common defense is that it's not misogyny if the woman is a clone, no more than it's murder to destroy a femmebot. Humanity might reach other worlds, but it's still not going to get over who's genitalia is more important than the others.

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