The BioMods

Cranial - the most conspicuous of the Usagin mods are their ears, as the flesh and cartilage ear is rising from the top of their heads, instead of the sides. The ear canal is not moved, but it is redirected to have a vertical access, and the ears rise along the side of the skull to point out the top. This is the most disruptive mod as a usagin cannot easily wear headphones, glasses, helmets, or anything else designed with human ears in mind. Some get around this by going primitive and dropping their tech. Others invest in more expensive gear designed with Usagin in mind. The least common option is going cyborg and having implants and cybernetic pieces added to their body so that peripheral devices are no longer required.

Meretrix or exotic Usagin tend to have sensitive ears, both in terms of sound sensitivity, and being erogenous zones for them. Socially is is considered borderline assault to approach a Usagin and grab them by the ears, being little different that approaching a woman and grabbing her by the breasts.

Daiso or Dollar Store Usagin forgo this mod and will wear headbands to mimic the ears. Some of these are cybernetic devices that give them enhanced hearing, some are just costume pieces.

Metabolic - one of the sales points of the Usagin is a high metabolism, combined with large amounts of fast twitch muscle. They are strong, fast, and can eat almost anything they want without serious weight issues, even before corrective GI modifications. There is a cost associated with this. The large amount of fast twitch muscle means there is little slow twitch. They can run fast, leap like no one's business, and demonstrate impressive power and agility. They cannot do this for a long time or long distance. A Usagin athlete can sprint a flat out mile in three minutes, easily. They cannot finish a half marathon, and a full marathon could be life threatening to their cardiovascular system.

Reproductive - one of the more subtle but highly popular aspects of the mod is the augmentation of reproductive capacity, both genders are capable of quick, successive, and multiple orgasms, and males have a greatly reduced refractory period. When mod details are laid out, it is almost the norm for the sexual attributes to be enhanced: larger breasts, larger peens, and so forth.

There are two camps when it comes to anthropomorphic biomods in the entertainment industry, cats girls versus rabbit girls. When it comes to pure performance, the rabbit girls are on a different level, but suffer from an image issue. Cat girls are seen to be the more sexy, and that mod set is easier to install, requiring less dedication and cost from the modee. What is less visibly apparent is that despite looking stranger, rabbit girls (and boys) tend to be very nice and affectionate, if easily startled people. Cat girls (and boys) are much more likely to be standoffish, aggressive, hostile, or really, having so many feline traits, just fucking assholes because they know they can mew mew and no one is mad at them anymore.

Locomotive - the second most intrusive part of the full package Usagin biomod is replacing the normal hominid pediplant leg and foot structure with a more elastic and almost kangaroo like digiplant leg and foot. This enhances the running speed and jump distance of the usagin, and the structure of the leg for conserving and reusing kinetic energy helps compensate for their terrible endurance. A Usagin with the full metabolic and locomotive mods pushes a sub two minute mile, clocking in around 45 to 50 MPH. Their vertical jump is sufficient for them to clear a one story building, with some professional high jumpers able to reach into the upper twenty foot range, unaided.


One of the themes of the CE is simply 'because they can'. There is a niche interest in animal biomods, people are doing it now with tattoos and subdermal implants to make themselves into demons and reptiles. Given the popularity of rabbitkin in Anime and manga, combined with the historic associations with Playboy and the Bunnys, this biomod is a natural extension of things yet to come.


Exotic dancers, sex workers, and sex celebrities - the connotations of the biomod, it's high energy, has a high sexual profile, and is built to be attractive. The connection is natural.

Athletes and performance arts - regular dancers, performance artists, and professional athletes would favor the mod for obvious reasons, though sports would have to make major changes to keep up with biomods, cybernetics, and a world where the regular fallable human body is increasingly a thing of the past. 

Paramilitary, Military, and Shadowrunning - enhanced reflexes, heightened senses, exceptional sense of hearing, Usagin make for natural scouts and skirmishers, even if lacking endurance or the ability to carry a large amount of gear. A single Usagin with night vision and a throat mic can be as effective as an entire team of recon scouts with all their gear and vehicle support. A brisk walking Usagin can move as fast a normal human at a regular run.

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