Special Equipment:

-'Deathbringer'(Ancient Dwarven sword)
-A black, iridescent breastplate marked with blood-red runes (A Draegothic breastplate)


Wrothgar is an old, old man, though his aging was magically stopped in his battle against the god Loku-Daera-Gaira. He has strong, angular features, with blue eyes, and a nose that looks slightly splayed from being broken so many times. His hair is a dull red-blonde color and he wears it long and in a pony-tail down to his shoulders. He also has a large, Dwarf-like beard. He is very muscular, and has the physique of a barbarian, though he is not. He wears dirty, tattered clothing that shows the wear and tear of hundreds of years of use and mending. He wears a barbarian rune-amulet around his neck and a charm necklace given to him by the Tsungari Mountain Monks. He also wears a black, iridescent breastplate marked with blood-red runes which he pillaged from the Draegotha (Demon) Prince known as Understar. He usually wears a sort of tired-but-amused expression. He has a grandfatherly way about him, and he can't resist helping out those in need of advice or an extra sword for adventuring.


Long ago, Wrothgar was nothing but a farmer's son. He worked with his father by day and explored the local valley by night. He was curious, but he was not extremely adventurous, until the day he found the ancient ruin. He had explored deep into the ancient tunnels in the hills around his father's farm, when he came upon the ruined dwarrow of an ancient Dwarven race long extinct from the world. Afterwards, he went out every night into the forgotten dwarrow, searching it's passages, witnessing it's mechanical and architectural wonders. Finally, after weeks of sneaking into the caverns, he came upon an ancient tomb in the very heart of the dwarrow, and within the tomb, he found the ancient Dwarven sword that would be known as Deathbringer. From that moment, Wrothgar knew that it was his destiny to be an adventurer, and set off from the farm under the same moonshadows which had guarded him in his searches into the ancient dwarrow. Wrothgar became a master at his trade, and his renown grew and grew and grew. He fought with the monkey-folk of the Thousand Monkey Isles against the evil vampire-serpents of Kssshtrassss, and saw the deepest, blackest pits of the Inferno while battling the Draegothas, a godlike race of demons. He slew the dragon Myakaszuth and used it's bones to make a monument to his deed. But his greatest achievement is having stood against the God/Goddess of Chaos, Loku-Daera-Gaira, and lived. Since that confrontation, Wrothgar has not aged a day, and travels the world waiting for the time that the Death Spirits will come to take him away.

Roleplaying Notes:

-A good person to seek out for needed info

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