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September 29, 2017, 4:52 pm

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Wonder Weapons of Maia


The Warworld of Maia has created a number of wondrous weapons.


An archaic term for a religious sanctuary, or the lands held by a religious foundation. The Halidom is a massive quad mecha deployed by the Council of Maia. Unlike traditional mecha, the Halidom has four legs in a quad configuration. This is stable, but not the fastest layout for movement. It retains a decent speed by the sheer virtue of how large it is. The mega-mecha is nearly 1200 tons in mass, and four times the height of conventional mecha. Rather than a pilot, the Halidom has a command crew of three, an engineering section of two, and a communications and command section of three. The machine towers over most buildings, and has a quad linked naval grade rotary rail gun system. Each of the four enormous gatling style guns has six barrels, and can fire meter long 40 kg metallic 'spikes' at near hypersonic velocity. The four weapon systems can be fire independently, and can engage targets over the horizon. The Halidom is used to attack cities, armies, low flying craft, and area denial bombardment. The spikes are non-explosive, but with their velocity, most create concussive explosions on impact from transfer of momentum.

There are variant Halidoms, spoken of with the same air of fear and mystery as dragons or terrestrial gods. Fuersturm has batteries of incandescent plasma rifles and can light up the night like daytime, and can burn a city to cinders in moments. Calliope carries no fewer than 12 thermonuclear stand off missiles and can end a nation with a single alpha strike. Circe the Bright is a walking laser battery and can pinpoint objects out of orbit, and then cut them in half.

Stegosaurus 200G

The creation of the pragmatic Brutalists, the Stegosaurus 200G is a land battleship and correspondingly, bristled with weaponry. The ultra-tank has six turrets. The largest central turret has a pair of 20 inch chemjet cannons. These weapons combine explosive propellants with magnetically accelerated barrels, allowing the big guns to shoot at ranges near 100 km. The 20 inch cannons can be loaded with conventional, smart weaponry, and even atomic tipped rounds. The five secondary turrets mount 10 eight inch cannons in tandem configuration. These are closer to point defense, allowing the Stegosaurus to keep the field around it clear. Beyond this, the landship can carry hundreds of soldiers, as well as having barbettes for traction cannons, and crenellated armored walkways where infantry can fight from the ship, shooting their regular weapons into combat from the protection of the rolling fortress.

The Halidom is drastically more powerful than the Stegosaurus, but the Council's legged sanctuaries are outnumbered by the Brutalist's fortress tanks. Thagomizer carries ballistic missiles, many armed with WMD warheads, with chemical weapons being popular. Angron the Merciless has dozens of flamethrowers and incendiary shells, as well as having corpses as decorations. Sauron has replaced the main turret with a single Higgs particle cannon, and the secondary turrets with single mount 14 inch cannons. Sauron is one of the most feared, and decorated vehicles in Maia and has the honor of having felled three Halidoms in a single battle, as well as countless cities and armies.

The Mamba

A weapon of the Hanse, the Mamba is a large mag-rail vehicle. It can reach high speed, is agile, and carries an impressive array of weaponry. No two have the same load out, but energy weapons, battle drones, and exotic missiles are all popular choices. This speed and power comes at the cost of armor, but the Mamba has an optical shroud and active camouflage system, making it hard to spot until it is already on top of you. Mambas are the sneaky assassins of the Hanse, and protect their armies and ships in the field, as they do not have anything as large or powerful as the Steg or the Halidom.

The Excelsior is a Mamba armed entirely with beam weapons. It strikes far out from Hanse territory as a deep raider, where it hunts down pirates and bandits to burn them off the face of Maia, and then take their cortical stacks back to the Hanse for a reward. The Red Queen Mamba is a drone carrier and has now fewer that 16 combat drones, each armed with two heavy machine guns, two lasers, and a pair of Hellion anti-armor missiles. Red Queen, along with the Phoenix Wing of mag-rails have fought off several Brutalist incursions and severely damaged a Halidom. The mamba Nemesis destroyed a Council of Maia city as well as three Halidoms by ramming into the central spire of the city and detonating it's power core as well as a half dozen thermonuclear warheads hand built out in the desert.

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