The Ship

Every space adventure starts with the ship. In this case it is the Infinity Class

Built in secret, housed in secret offworld docks, and funded out of black budget slush funds, the Infinity class exploration ship is a marvel of technology.


The Infinity class is just the start, it is the product of Project Infinity, an exploration mission to piece a deep space anomaly and explore what lies beyond.

To Infinity, and Beyond

motto of Project Infinity


The other side of the Pegasus Rift is the planet Maia. Things did not go as planned.

Maia... it was supposed to be Earth's sister planet, but instead, Project Infinity delivered us to a world that knows only war.

Exploding Bits

A sample of Maian wonder weapons.

The Warworld of Maia has created a number of wondrous weapons.

The Arsenal of Maia covers more of their mundane weaponry

Rendezvous with Maia

The End of Project Infinity and the end of Maia

The end of Project Infinity and the realization of Maia
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