Wolf Knights

The wolf knights are a loosely-organized band of warriors who have made it their mission to destroy evil lycanthropes wherever they are encountered. As the name implies, they have a particular focus on werewolves, given the creatures' capacities for destruction. The knights themselves are typically not official knights, having not sworn allegiances to local lords or sovereigns (some do, but they are the exception rather than the rule).

The wolf knights are most active in areas that are along the wilderness borders of Falkwrath. They have precious few chapter houses, tending to instead roam the land in small bands, chasing rumors of their quarry. They are a grim folk, taking no pleasure in their task. Those who meet them often come away with the sense these men and women have seen more than their share of horrible and gruesome scenes.

The knights' chapter houses are small, but have enough space to provide room and board for up to ten people m, discounting the few individuals who often live there full time. Often a priest or priestess of the moon, they preside over a few religious ceremonies and keep lore about the curse of lycanthropes. Those who have advanced enough to have access to stronger magics will also be called on to lift the curse where possible. Where it isn't, the clergy offer final rites as requested. Every wolf knight at some point prepares his or her own final rites for when they will need them. All know it is a matter of time for them, as the curse of lycanthropy courses through their veins as well.

That the wolf knights are werewolves themselves is a secret from the public. All the knights wrestle with the curse and resist it, only turning on a full moon, when they have no choice. None of them willingly transform, for doing so means submitting to the destructive whims of the animal within. But such a struggle can only last so long. The inevitable outcome is madness, when finally the wolf inside will no longer be denied and the knights is driven mad by bloodlust and rage. Every chapter house keeps a silver battleaxe, visible to all. Every knight knows it is a matter of time before their brothers and sisters must put them down.

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