This fairly unassuming rest stop lies off the beaten path. It is the perfect location for a wandering adventurer who is far from civilization but still needs security or warmth when resting.

The establishment is run by an elderly goblin named Sax Stoneswiller. He has made a name for himself amongst the humans and dwarves that were at war with his clan years ago. Providing this service to non-goblins is much more lucrative than what he was able to receive with his clan.

The resthouse is a three-story wooden structure with a basement.

The ground floor has a large bar with an enormous variety of alcohol ranging from homebrewed mead to imported elven wine to local dwarven stout. The bar also provides plenty of pre-made snacks such as jerky, bread, and cheese. By early evening, Sax will usually have a large vat of lamb stew available for hungry patrons. There is also a small washroom available near the basement available to the single room occupants and general patrons.

On the second floor, there are seven single rooms available for the solo adventurer or a frugal group. Each small room has a single bed, a trunk, a small window, and a lockable door.

The third floor has three suites available. Each of these suites has two large beds, a dining table with four chairs, three trunks, a large window, a washroom facility, and a lockable door.

In the basement, Sax keeps a different kind of company: creatures looking for revenge or a novice goblin fighter that is willing to earn some experience by attacking a sleeping or wounded warrior. Once the sun goes down, Sax gives a key to his "brethren" and the rest is up to them.

Sax takes a large payment for this service, but he is careful to not draw any attention to himself or what he is up to. He does not pass a key for a suite nor a single room that has more than one person in it. With enough pre-meditation, Sax will be sure to provide a drugged draught to the appropriate party. He will also not allow more than one attack/death per week.

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