A large bouquet of flowers in a soft plastic sleeve, the sort that indicates the man bearing them has seriously screwed up and is making a large apologetic gesture, or the woman holding it has been the recipient of courtly wooing.

Purpose One (Primary)

The Weaponized Bouquet is a surprise weapon, easily carried into a location without setting off concern or security personnel. It can be used as a melee weapon but is still fundamentally a bundle of flowers so its good for one or two swings at most before the bouquet is broken, and the cover is blown.

Purpose Two (Silly)

In grand RPG tradition, the Flower Bouquet is a melee weapon that can only be equipped by a small number of specific classes. It functions like any other melee weapon, with variants causing higher damage curves, adding status ailments, and otherwise being somewhat comical in what is often a very serious game genre.

Functionality (Primary)

The weaponized bouquet in a modern based setting would be used to conceal a non-ferrous object that can be carried through a security checkpoint without being found. The nature of a large flower arrangement is that it is innately non-threatening, and most security people are not going to scrutinize it very closely. They are also unlikely to take it apart to ensure there is nothing in it, because the risk of damaging the flowers, and the challenge of reassembling the bouquet is not in their skill set and pay grade.

What could be inside the bouquet to render it a weapon?

Chemical weapon packets? One swing bursts the packets and sprays the target with the contents.

Biological weapon packet? Swing goes the virus. The bearer does not have automatic immunity to whatever is in the mess.

Glass and ceramics? Some of the flowers are fake and made of materials that can cause pain and lacerations. Not lethal, but certainly discouraging.

In an advanced setting, with hyper technology and cyberpunk themes, the potential increases for what fuckery a bouquet of flowers can contain.

Memory materials and electroplastics so that when a charge is applied, some parts of the flowers become as hard as steel for a short amount of time.

Genetically tailored biological agents.

Chemical and neurological agents.

Nanite weaponry.

The concept remains the same, there is time for a surprise swing or two, and then the dangerous payload is gone, or fired off and the bearer should have an escape plan or another way to deal and resist damage.

Functionality (SIlly)

Cheap Flowers - 6 DMG/+1 DEF/Equip:NA

Easter Bouquet - 9 DMG/+3 DEF/Equip:Innocent

(Innocent Status renders bearer immune to being targeted by magic spells, but cannot cast magic either)

Sunflower Bouquet - 16 DMG/+2 DEF/Equip: Sunny Day

(Sunny Day status dispels darkness, fog, blindness, negates ability to sneak or hide)

Valentine's Bouquet - 24 DMG/+6 DEF/Equip: Shell, Protect

Funeral Bouquet - 12 DMG/+2 DEF/Equip: KO

(KO ability has a small chance of automatically killing/knocking out a foe, may not work on most bosses)

Fragrant Bouquet - 6 DMG/+6 DEF/Equip: Regen

Strange Bouquet - 12 DMG/+4 DEF/Equip: Confuse

(Confuse ability has a small chance of causing target to become enraged/disoriented/confused)

Carnivorous Bouquet - 36 DMG/+10 DEF/Equip: Bite

(Bite causes a random target to be attacked by the bouquet if it has not been used in a melee attack, this can hit enemies, teammates, or the bearer of the bouquet)

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