Full Item Description
A Wassunja is an enchanted wooden club bound with two bands of either bronze of iron. It is a racial based weapon and remains heavy in the hands of a human, and doubles in weight if lifted by an elf. In the hands of a blooded orcish warrior, the club is fast and agile, a weapon good for cracking shields, breaking bones, and staving in skulls.

The origines of the Wassunja war clubs are a closely guarded secret of the orcish shamans, who are loath to speak with non-orcs, let alone share clan secrets. Unlike tradition methods of human and elven enchantment, a Wassunja is a fetish, a magical item that derives it's power not from complex spells and sorcery but from an elemental bound into the item. Specifically, in the case of the war club a caste of earth elemental spirits collectively known as the Wassunja.

Having a long tradition of strong shamans and good standing with the primitive yet potent elemental courts of fire and stone, it was not hard for the Shaman to convince the warrior caste of the stone courts to inhabit war clubs to fight along side of the orcish warriors. While the spirits agreed to this, a club would have to be properly respected, and if the club was broken, or used in a cowardly manner it would break and the elemental within would flee the weapon.

Magic/Cursed Properties
A Wassunja war club carries with it the force of the earth, with strieks doing considerably more damage than would be expected of a wooden club without spikes, flanges, or other adornments. A Wassunja automatically deals 50% of its base damage before damage is rolled for. Assuming a war club dealt 1D6+1 damage (Example only) a Wassunja war club would deal 1D6+4 damage. This damage is also upgraded to lethal damage if clubs only inflict bashing or subdual damage.

Once a day, a Wassunja can be invoked to make a Break check. A break check is a called shot against a pie of a foe's equipment, such as a held weapon, a shield, or the helmet of his armor. If the attack succedes, the object targeted must roll a check to resist the club's break attack. Destroyed gear must be discarded as it is no longer useful in battle. This power can be used on inanimate objects such as doors with a fairly high chance of success.

Roleplaying Notes
1. Orcs deserve to have basic magic weapons of their own, and magic swords+1 really dont match the orcish style.

2. Clubs are an underused weapon and deserve a bit more attention in light of the various magic swords.

3. Orcs like to hit stuff hard and break things.

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