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March 4, 2016, 4:35 pm

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Vince Appelhof


Formerly a mercenary lurking around the Silk Road, now the victim of the Neogenecists

Vincent 'Vin' Appelhof was a mercenary, lacking any serious affiliation. This made him a frequently sought after by various parties looking for independent contractors. Appelhof was a member of a small cadre of independents and freelancers known as The Storm. This group eschewed any sort of alliance or association with any of the other Silk Road factions, or the nations and powers that opposed them. Appelhof was killed in a daring shadowrun in New Nuyork. He, and most of the team he was running with was killed by a salvo of concussion missiles. This is where the official record of Appelhof ends.


Appelhof was formerly a large man, with a heavily muscled physique, numerous tattoos, a meticulously shaved head, and an slavic accent. After his death, Appelhof's body was claimed a cabal of arcanotechs working for the Anunnaki, known as the Neogenecists. Appelhof's body was taken to a clandestine facility near New Nuyork where it was subjected to arcanotech and psychotronic treatment, and cybernetic reconstruction.


Cranial - Appelhof suffered extensive injury to his face and skull, including severe brain trauma. He has had the damaged components of his brain replaced with artificial components. This has given him a number of innate abilities, including the ability to rapidly calculate numbers, functionally have an eidetic memory, and continuous connection to the CogNet. This permanent connection allows for near instantaneous communication, linking to drone, and slaved vehicles. It also allows the Neogenecists to take control of his body as they see fit. One eye was completely destroyed and has been replaced with a bionic eye. This custom optic lacked visual input, but functioned as part of a SmartGun system, had MarkerLight capacity, and was an armored component.

Torso - Likewise, Appelhof's ribcage and most of his organs were shredded or crushed by concussive force. Most of his organs were either repaired or replaced with quick grown organs and implants. His chest was replaced with a reinforced chestplate, allowing for greater endurance and muscle augmentation. The chassis he was fitted with has external hardpoints allowing for a chem suit to be attached as needed.

Limbs - Appelhof's limbs were easily repaired, but were augmented with muscle treatments and then covered with a bioplastic sheath. The components give him a robotic look, and offer a fair degree of protection that is relatively easy to conceal.


Most people who knew Appelhof when he was alive do not recognize the same man post resurrection. Formerly a violent man, with a kill or be killed world view, the new Appelhof is quiet and introspective. He no longer indulges in alcohol, womanizing, or the other violent aspects of his old lifestyle. He has become an introvert with a fascination for old literature, caring for children, and other generally positive if isolated interests. This is in part a function of his anti-aggression implants, part a function of his artificial brain components, and part a revulsion from his former lifestyle.


The Neogenecists created Appelhof as a 'tank' to anchor a special ops team. His augmentations and modifications make him an impressive combatant, and his experience makes him an unpredictable and violent opponent, especially after the personality inhibitors are disengaged. As such, Appelhof spends most of his time in quiet contemplation or mandatory training regimes. When the neogens call, he is activated, joins up with his team and heads out on serious black ops. Neogen ops involve containing cosmic horrors, responding to potential dimensional fatigue events, counter-insurgency, and eliminating rogue assets.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Mageek
March 5, 2016, 12:42
I like the twist to introspection rather than aggression. I kind of get the godfather vibe - being inundated by a life of crime, coming out mostly on top, and yet possessing a desire to surround oneself with one's family and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.
Voted valadaar
April 1, 2016, 11:19
Not bad - a very good supporting character!


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