These holy clerical vestments will dismay demons and undead, searing them should they touch them. Against demonic tooth and claw and infernal blade they serve as well as chain mail. Spells and incantations cast by the unholy will be weakened by the divine favor imbued in the fabric. Mortal blades will find mere cloth.

Resplendent in the livery of their chosen god, the wearer enjoys the Grace of their Patron when conversing with the faithful, and when admonishing the faithless.

These boons, however, demand faith, and the wearer must rely on these garments alone to protect them. Deny them by covering them, and the favor is gone. Distrust them by wearing mail underneath, then only by that mail are they protected.

These vestments can be created in a number of ways:

Woven from flax grown in the Holy Temple of Kayee, by the silent priestesses.

Vulgar vestments crafted by simple tailors, but blessed by an Angel or similar being.

Fine fabric with the addition of Saint's hair.

These Vestments could be considered the standard uniform of priests in the higher levels of their Hierarchy - armor and the like being considered the domain of the Paladin or battle-clerics.


Of the Damned

The vestments protect against the strong powers of good. They may be further enhanced by adornment with Gems of the Underworld

Power Levels

The degree of protection can vary with the quality of the construction and the holiness of its components. The least may simply inconvenience the fell powers, while the greatest may sunder them,


If Rage is applied to the Vestments, powerful positive radiance will be emitted in a 60' sphere around the wearer, with effects appropriate for your game system (eg, minor healing, turning of undead, etc.)

Other Uses:

These vestments can be used in the production of healing potions if their wearer was slain as a martyr.

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