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March 27, 2013, 7:38 am

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Valadaar, Hand of Ashantar


A warrior that never tremble, a warrior that always line forward, a warrior that always spearheading the battle. His bravery is unimaginable... It's Valadaar, the Hand of Ashantar...


Valadaar was born to Verthas and Rumana during Emperor Rethernas I. Both of his parents are a famous merchant, and are well recognised in all over the empire. His father is a honest jewel merchant and her mother was an outstanding fabric merchant. In short, Valadaar was born in a rich family. At the age of 8, he was enrolled in Ashantar Merchantry Academy, to study the basics of merchantry. He studied in the academy for 4 years.

At the age 12, he grew bored on merchantry and had grew passion for the art of war. Realising his talents wasn't on merchantry, Verthas sent Valadaar in Ashantar High Military Academy, where all those who graduate from this academy are considered the best. He spent the rest of his teenage life on the academy, learning and studying the path of war. This includes learning on every aspects of warfare, including on how to maneuver an army on the battlefield.

8 years after spending a lot of time on the academy, at the age 20, Valadaar finally had a chance to lead a squad of Aran on the battlefield against an Orcish Horde. His talents on warfare are outstanding, and it's seen by Emperor Rethernas I. Those who under his leadership felt twices safer than the other. Astonished by Valadaar's ability on the battlefield, Emperor Rethernas I had grant him a galleon and he named it Sea Shackles. At the age of 24, during his marriage with Selna, Valadaar was given 6 argosy (trading vessel/ship) by his parents as wedding gift.

After been given an authority for whole one armada, Valadaar bestowed with a rank of Admiral. His armada consists of 6 other galleons and 24 frigates, which is one of the biggest armada assemblies in Ashantar. And together, their armada was named The Swimming Sea Dragon. 

Valadaar was killed during the Battle of Plugan Plains. He was killed by an Orcish Warlord while managed to slay four more Orcish Warlord on the process.


Valadaar really like to equip himself with sword and a shield. But sometimes, he uses greatsword onto the battlefield. His passion with sword based weapon is very deep. At the age of six, Valadaar always ask his father for a wooden sword of different designs for him. To fulfill his needs, his father had hired a private wood carver to design a wooden swords for him. He had his first sword from his father, when he was around 18 years old. And he uses that sword until the end of his life. He named it Fit Sapa means "My Father"

The sword had a unique engravings on the steel, and at the bottom of the handle was a head of a lion. In every edge of the steel was smooth enough. Overall, the sword is rather unique.


Valadaar had joined a lot of military campaigns, together with Bolen, Conrad and Awbsar. Together, the four of them are known as the Giant of Ashantar. Bolen as the head, Conrad as the body, Valadaar as the hands and Awbsar as the legs.

Battle for Hermcidonia

Battle of Hermcidonia is Ashantar military campaign on helping the kingdom from Orcish hordes. This battle is Valadaar first trial as a squad leader. He led, 120 elite Arans on the battlefield. To the emperor' surprise, non of his men were killed or injured. The outcome of the battle is won.

Battle of Al-Kamand Border I

A year after he had huge success on Hermcidonia, Valadaar was put in charged on 60 000 soldiers on Al-Kamand Border to encounter the Spider Cultist, and at the same time, he had to face another Orcish horde. In this battle he wasn't alone, as to the west of him was Conrad with 45 000 men and Awbsar with 40 000 men. The outcome of the battle is won.

Battle of Al-Kamand Border II

Another series of campaign was still on the Al-Kamand Border. But this time, Valadaar had to face two demons. Ni'Zael and Nobaelnus. There were about hundred thousands of hellspawn. Valadaar only have 80 000 men that time. But, because of his prowess and high educated on warfare, he won the battle. But the casualties are too high this time, and because of this, he had to pull out his men away from the border. The outcome of the battle is won.

Battle for Griffinia

When Griffinia was under sieged by the Spider Religion, led by Arachnid Sidia, all route from Hermcidonia and Ashantar was blocked. And Griffinia was in grave danger. But to Emperor Rethernas I surprise, Valadaar had find a way through. He led 36 000 soldiers and breaked Arachnid Sidia' forces and directly made his way to the battlefield. Second wave was followed by Awbsar with another 40 000 soldiers. His leadership that day was highlighted, by whole people of Griffinia. The outcome of the battle is won and Arachnid Sidia was captured. Sidia was the first of the Arachnid captured and to be seen by all human that time.

Battle of Al-Kamand Border III

After a gruesome battle with Arachnid Sidia, Valadaar had an order from the emperor himself to start another campaign on Al-Kamand Border. But this time, they intend to took and seize the border once and for all. In this battle, Valadaar was helped by his fellow associates, Bolen, Conrad and Awbsar. In total, they led 260 000 soldiers. Valadaar was in charged of four armada on the sea, which include his own armada. Other admirals that were involved was Admiral Salas of Sea Dawn Armada, Admiral Walkmoore of Ocean Fury Armada and Admiral Celerus of Sea Serpents Armada. They had a huge victory on that glorious day. In addition, they managed to destroy one of the Spider Religions damned city.

Battle of Plugan Plains

Battle of Plugan Plains is one of the biggest battle ever happened on Ashantar Empire. That time, the human faced 500 000 Orcish warrior that led by Warlord Gothkir, Warlord Gonlar, Warlord Tomar and Warlord Gotak. In the other hand, Valadaar led 480 000 Ashantarian soldiers with the help of Bolen, Conrad and Awbsar. The battle last for one and a half day. And at the peak of the battle, Valadaar was killed by Warlord Gonlar, but managed to kill the other three. His death was one of Ashantar biggest lost ever. Although, he died on the battlefield, his death wasn't a waste, his associates managed to win the battle and forced Warlord Gonlar to retreat. Apart from that, the Ashantarian also run into a heavy losses. He manage to leave a large sum of golds for his beloved wife, and a heir.


"If I would be given a chance to return to that day, I would gladly took his place"


"All of Ashantarian better remember his heroic grandeur, or else, they all cursed!"


"I will make sure that my future descendant will avenge you, my friend"

Yatar wrote in one of hos journal;

I swore, so far, non can challenge my brother' prowess on the battlefield. Even though his dead is a huge lost, but I never regret for having a sibling like him.


Verthas and Rumana - Valadaar's parents. A rich couples that do merchantry across the empire. 

Yatar - Valadaar's younger brother. A high intellectual person that spend a lot of his time together with Tidas in the royal library.

Bolen - Valadaar's close friend and neighbour. A mighty warrior that always stands beside Valadaar, no matter where he go.

Conrad - Valadaar's cousin. A fierce warrior, that even an orc feared him.

Awbsar - One of Valadaar's associates. They first met at Ashantar High Military Academy and soon work together to vanquish their foes. The father of Suhym, Sufyn and Suhyl.


* Saving Princess Velerena of Griffinia

* Vanquishing ArchLord Derenar's army on the northern part of the Empire


Valadaar is a high adaptable melee fighter that excel in full strength to take down his enemies. With a great combination of offense and defensive ability, Valadaar can hold any position longer than any other hero.

Valadaar's defensive capability makes him one of the recommended off-tank. Apart from absorbing a large amount of damage, Valadaar could also deals a massive amount of damage onto his foes.

But due to the lacking of mobility ability, Valadaar is very hard to bail out from the battle. Making him vulnerable enough, if he got caught up on a group fight. Hero with disable ability, is one of his great weakness.

The only way, that Valadaar can exceed this weakness, is to launch a heavy damage onto his enemies, before they even do anything to disable him.


Ground Erosion - Casting this ability, will make Valadaar to jump on the desired location. Dealing 125 physical damage on the area. The ground will be erode, for 6 seconds, and slowing down the victims movement and attack speed by 25%.

Sword Enthusiast - Any opponents that are using a sword typed weapon, will have their damage reduced by 10%. While Valadaar gain extra 40 damage for as long as the enemy that are armed with a sword is nearby. If he managed to kill the enemy, he will gain that 10% as a bonus damage permanently.


Unswerving Loyalty - Valadaar's loyalty to the empire makes him gain 60 bonus armor and have his health increased by 150, each time he levelled up.

Highest of the Admirals - Valadaar can call upon his mighty ship, The Swimming Sea Dragon to bombard the desired location. Any victims that caught up on the area will be damaged. Each cannon ball deals 345 damage. If Ground Erosion were cast during this time, the ability will deal extra 200 bonus damage.

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Comments ( 15 )
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Voted Murometz
March 23, 2013, 12:45
What an interesting format for a character write-up! I love the "Battles attended" and the "peer quotes"! Terrific that.
Voted Shadoweagle
March 23, 2013, 17:29
"Conrad - Valadaar's cousin. A fierce warrior, that even an orc feared him."

my favourite line :p

Everyone should write up a valadaar backstory and post it! :p we could make a '30 Valadaar backstories' sub!

Or the next quest should be to write a backstory for different citadelians! :p

March 23, 2013, 19:23
Excellent quest idea!
March 24, 2013, 0:32
who's next? Dozus? hahahaha
July 8, 2014, 8:34
Suzod! Suzod! Suzod!
Voted NSak
March 24, 2013, 0:48
Only voted
March 24, 2013, 0:54
ive been try na' understand what this site actually do and i found out , that this site contains thousands of rpg information or something like tht? correct me if im wrong, and been reading from this writer/author, and i don't understand where this one go, i mean, is there any other write up that i can relate to or related to this one? btw, i like the warrior's story?
March 24, 2013, 0:59
NSak, you've been asking me that question are you not?

Well, yes, I got other submission that I wrote, that relates to this hero. And, are you that serious to vote that much? LOL
March 24, 2013, 1:04
u copied everything? wht i sent you? so, u did wrote some that are related to this? coz im curious enough about ur write up
and yes, im serious about tht vote

why? it's not rasional?
March 24, 2013, 1:10
Well, you could use that limited votes, to vote other submissions that is way better than this one. I mean, I'm pretty a newb myself.

Or, how about you start your own submission?

Maybe you could share your thoughts or ideas? And don't worry about the people around the citadel, all of them are friendly, they might leave suggestions too... XD
March 24, 2013, 1:22
oh k, now i understand a bit. thanks darkornyx, and to be honest, ur name is kinda hard to pronounce
March 24, 2013, 1:28
Haha... Been stuck with that name.

Try to write your own submission colleague.

And BTW, not to flood the "Recent Citadel Activity" you can use the chatbox down below, if you don't see it. Which happens to me recently. It has a "pop" sound when someone sent their messages....

Thanks for the vote...
Voted Kassy
July 8, 2014, 8:37

I like. I'm with SE, there should definitely be a quest where we write up a Citadellian backstories!

EDIT: HoH for that reason too.

January 5, 2016, 10:49
valadaar, you never voted or commented on this one? Lol
Voted Moonlake
January 15, 2016, 23:26
Third to the idea of a Strolenati backstory quest. And like Muro, like the Battles Attended format.

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