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October 28, 2012, 10:31 am

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Unione Clonage Corp


The UCC is a medium sized corporation that is slowly but surely growing to become a global powerhouse. It is deeply invested in legal, paramilitary, and criminal activities, and is composed entirely of clones.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

The Tomas Brothers

The Tomas Brothers hailed from a small island in the Mediterranean, most likely Corsica or Sicily. They are identical twins and had an interesting life growing up. The short version involves a troubled youth spent flirting with counter culture movements and anti government revolutionaries. Rather than ending up being attached to a Eurasian naval group, the brothers fled south and joined a mercenary company in North Africa. Rather than seeing combat, they ended up in the legal section of the group, handling pay, contract negotiation and other matters financial. After leaving that company they both pursued higher education in France before heading west to the Americas. 

The Federation Connection

The Brothers used their skills and life experiences to take over a small cloning technology company and started making and selling their greatest asset, themselves. The brothers started cloning themselves, working with the engram mind programming and other technologies to make each clone they produced the best that could be had. Now these clones were not 'sold' since the buying, selling, and owning of sentient beings is illegal, they were hired out. The Tomas clone gained a reputation as a ruthless legal hawk, unflinching and unafraid in even the most hostile courtroom. They also gained a notoriety for being somewhat lacking in morals, willing and able to represent the worst human scum. 

After several years, the Tomas clone series had made itself influential and well connected, and the original Brothers Tomas started pulling in those contacts and favors. The corporation swelled as the cloned brothers turned over favors, secrets, blackmailings, coercions and other things they had gathered over their years of working. The corporation expanded it's facilities, and gained the ability to start mass creating clones, rather than the small groups that had been produced before. They officially founded Unione Clone Corp, placing it's legal headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and production facilities in key locations, the most notable being found in the Republic of Texas, France, and Cuba.

Unione Clone Corp quickly began it's three prong assault on the world. It's legal offices and services were expanded. Now instead of a single Tomas brother clone lawyer, a team would be brought in, a lead Clone supported by as many as three more Tomas clones. These clones would spend hours preparing for cases, and many of their courtroom antics, starting and finishing sentences for each other, were quickly woven into the stereotypes about all clones. The Legal offices raked in money and favors as they represented a variety of wealthy if unsavory clients. Their training involves mock courtroom trials of famous criminals of the past, ranging from psychpaths and serial killers to dictators and madmen. Those who are able to pull off the biggest cases, such as defending Hitler successfully are given lead roles. 

UCC also started creating special soldiers, clones of the brothers that delved deeper into their military service, and integrating in vitro military training. These UCC clone troopers were not created to be gun toting red shirts, but rather special forces, doing commando work to driving high end mecha and combat vehicles. Many were employed as bodyguards to ambassadors and dignitaries and other important people, as well as doing things like SWAT, counter-terrorism, and other dangerous jobs. An underground organization hires the largest percentage of the UCC clones, and works in tandem with UCC with the legal branch frequently representing members of said organization that end up on the wrong side of police or military detainment.

Disposable People

The Tomas Brothers were cold, ruthless, and intelligent. Few knew when they actually perished from old age, or incident. But by the time the Panoz and Jakob died, there were approximately 3,800 Tomas brother pairs. They saw the world in terms of numbers, not in any humane or moral sense and if regular humans are expendable, then clones, even clones of themselves were by design disposable. This is a common theme with clones and cloning in the Cosmic era. Clones are treated as second class citizens and worse. Clone soldiers are a wartime materiel and not personnel, and in many organizations a dead clone is treated the same was a vehicle that has been scrapped or a single use weapon like a heavy anti-armor missile.

The Tomas brothers believed this, and their clones are pre-indoctrinated to also believe this. This has lead to them being fanatical in whatever field they follow, as most matters are treated as victory or death. Tomas clones are monsters to fight as they refuse to surrender, and will very quickly resort to asymmetrical warfare, terrorism, and other very negative aspects of the face of war. 

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 20, 2012, 11:29
Update: Based off Tomax and Xamot from GI Joe, Real American Hero.
Voted Forganthus
November 22, 2012, 18:42
There's a lot to like here. No part is painted with the florid hues of cliche, and it all looks pretty well thought out. It's a little boring *because* it is so well thought out (but I say that about anything that doesn't have explosions), but how else are you going to have a company of evil lawyers? UCC is menacing without being evil, which is nice. 5/5
Voted valadaar
April 18, 2016, 11:09
Good stuff here! Great piece to add to the Cosmic Era lore.
Voted axlerowes
April 19, 2016, 0:13
The satire is strong with this one. Just the idea of a powerful law firm in which the lawyers are all identical clones is an amusing thought.

The voice though is a little unclear, who is this narrator who casting all these judgements on the characters and commenting on the cosmic ere? Is the behavior of these lawyer actually considered inhumane and immoral by their contemporaries in the cosmic era? This piece could have been used to make a larger statement about the setting. For example what if instead of defending Hitler (always south on the modern moral compass) the cloned legal minds had to defend some advocated for consumerism Adam Smith, Henry Ford, Ronald Reagan George Lucas or Jeff Bezos. Is Hitler still the go to devil in the cosmic era? If popular cosmic era morality is really different than present day populist morality, than the description of these characters is incomplete because it doesn't present them completely in their historical context. Instead you tell us what to make of their clients and practices rather than showing us.

Also, I am familiar with 1980's Xamot and Tomax from the cartoon and the comics, but that is a little esoteric. A couple of narrative inserts perhaps a few quote would have really brought these guys to life.

The core idea is funny.

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