"It's the kind of town where they don't wait for you to die before fighting over your boots."
-Sancho, Captain of the Warthog

No central ruler. Rule by oligarchy.


Human 25%, Ogre 20%, Orc 20%, Saurian 20%, Skrell 6%, Goblyn 4%, Dwarven 4%, Grum 1%

Southern 30%, Drakkellin 20%, Ogrish 10%, Orcish 10%, Goblyn 10%, Sauric 10%, Baenese 5%, Rukemian 5%


National Colors
Black and grey

Year Founded

All currencies accepted. Much trade and barter.

Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods
Iron ore, quarried stone (including ebony granite), sunder shards, Cat's Eye, fine crafted steel products especially weapons and armor, poisons and toxins, healing herbs, drugs, mercenaries.


Government Type

Government Stability
Unstable - minor friction between ruling groups

Various groups in the Pirate Isles

Garrison, Mercia, Ormek, War Vale, Rukemia, Drakkellian Alliance


Crime Level
Very High

Technology Level
Middle Ages

Primary Religion

Other Religions
Kalishiba, Vallaurias, Grundel, Karenia, Tharros, Kolter, Krokus

Temperate to tropical


This large city in the southern mountainous regions is the capital city of the Coalition. Hence, the population is a mixed assortment of humans, ogres, orcs, saurians, dwarves and grum. Tyrrenkor enjoys very warm, rain-free weather for most of the year and most people dont wear a cloak. For the most, the rule is light clothing, light armor and light weapons. Anything heavier is too uncomfortable. Partly because of the weather and partly because of the stern nature of its citizenry, weapons are typically worn outwardly and exposed. But just because you can see a mans knife, dont think it his only weapon.

The citizens of Tyrrenkor are a practical, if somewhat paranoid, people. It is typical, even expected, that most people have small concealed weapons about them. Possibly poisoned. Self defense is necessary after all.

Festivals and Faires
Jakhora - Because of the large number of saurians present in the Coalition, it is natural that they gather to celebrate the Jakhora. This celebration is held in the city and all saurians in the city and from surrounding towns and villages will attend. This wild three day celebration involves many duels and contests in the local gladiatorial arenas and fighter pits. Taverns see a surge in business and barroom brawls become even more frequent than usual.

Sundering Festival - As in most civilized lands, Tyrrenkor holds a one day summer celebration to commemorate the Sundering of the sun.

Reaping Festival - In the middle of the fall, the city of Tyrrenkor holds the Reaping Festival... an end of the year celebration held after the crops are brought in and there is plentiful food.

The Seven
Of course, the seven most important organizations in the Coalition are those powerful seven groups who make up the bulk of the government. These seven groups include the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue, the Chosen, the Fellowship, Peil's Thunder, the Order of the Vile, the Selari Knights and the League of Stone and Steel. Quite often, these seven groups are simply referred to as "the Seven".

News, Rumors and Gossip
The Order of the Vile (or one of the other ruling groups) is planning on pulling out of the Coalition.

A major military offensive is being prepared for one final assault on Garrison and this time, the fortress city will be wiped out.

A saurian chieftain has risen to power and united four large saurian tribes. These saurian tribes have started a rebellious uprising, refusing to be ruled by the Coalition, and have won several major battles against the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue.

City Districts

The Dregs
The Dregs is a large section of the city that has been quarantined from the rest of the city. There is only one gate leading into or out of the tall walls that surround this town quarter and it is guarded. This section of town is where the city disposes of anything undesirable. Criminals, fugitives, slaves, suspected plaque carriers, garbage, corpses, etc are all routinely dumped into this section of town and conveniently forgotten about. The Dregs is a lawless town quarter. The city guards do not patrol here. The nobles pretend it's not there. This is the dark closet of Tyrrenkor. Life is hard in the Dregs. The few convicts who have actually managed to survive this disease ridden hell hole do so by fighting over the scraps of garbage and hunting rats (and sometimes each other). A small group of bandits has developed here. They call themselves the Dreg Lords. There is one secret entrance/exit to the Dregs. The Dreg Lords control it and they have managed to keep it secret from the authorities so far. They will allow the use of this secret entrance for a hefty price. The Dreg Lords could leave, but they rather like the complete autonomy they enjoy within their little realm. In addition, their leader's state of mind is questionable.

Architectural Elements
Street Lights - Tyrrenkor city is lit at night by a number of tall stone pedestals with large iron braziers atop them. Large fires are lit in this large iron braziers and let burn through the night.

Government and Public Establishments
The Hall of Seven
Central government building and military headquarters. This large hall is where the seven groups meet in council. Hafsted the Blind is the blind orcish chamberlain who runs this place with a small staff. The Hall of Seven is a huge castle with seven massive towers around a central core tower. Each of the seven groups controls one of the seven outer towers. The central tower is where all groups come together to meet.

The City Guard of Tyrrenkor
The mercenary unit known as Peils Thunder provides city wide security and patrolling for all of Tyrrenkor. These warriors wear a variety of studded leather or scale mail and an equally diverse spectrum of weaponry. They all wear short black capes and carry stout shields bearing the symbol of the Peil's Thunder military group. These men are paid to keep the peace and make an example of trouble makers. They have few restrictions on their authority. They are as likely to let fights finish and then simply arrest everyone and steal everything. The city guard of Tyrrenkor have earned the nickname of "Hellhounds".

The Underworld
The underworld of Tyrrenkor is a complex web of groups that are constantly warring with each other. Just about every organization, guild and secret society has agents and spies in the field. This includes the government who probably has more spies and covert agents than all the rest put together. There are no less than 17 independent rogue guilds operating within Tyrrenkor including the War Dogs detailed below. Some are common thieving groups. Others are more specialized dealing in information, fencing or protection rackets. Beyond these 17 there are the Chosen and the Fellowship and the Selari Knights who all contact covert activities, common thievery, assassinations and smuggling. It is sometimes difficult to tell the criminals from the lawmakers here.

The Company
This shadowy criminal organization based out of Drakkell is rumored to have its hooks into many underworld crime rackets in the Coalition. The full extent of the Company's dealings in the Coalition will probably never be known, but it is likely that they conduct much business here.

The War Dogs
The largest criminal guild in the city of Tyrrenkor. Estimated between 200 and 300 members.

The Dreg Lords
A small thieves guild that operate exclusively in and rule over the Dregs, the only quarantined city district.

Temples and Shrines
This dark realm worships the darkest nether lords. Major temples include: Karenia, Oberon, Tharros, Agethos. Minor churches and shrines include: Hurellin, Kolter, Kythira, The Fates, Grundel, Kael, Muthara, Krokus, Wardegar, Vallaurias.

Unique City Features

The Tower of Caeqor
A large black tower of rock stands like an inky black scar on the face of the city. This large tower stands 70 feet tall jutting from a rocky outcrop overlooking the slums of the city. It has no visible doors or windows, although windows do sometimes appear as lights have been seen coming from the tower at night. This tower is the home of Caeqor, a mysterious hooded and masked figure whom some say is not human. He is said to be a powerful mage and is known to be an advisor to the ruling council.

Important People of Tyrrenkor

General Karoch Peil, Leader of Peils Thunder
Peil is a large man with a bushy grey beard, heavy scale armor and an iron helm shaped into the likeness of a dragon's head. His sword is likewise impressive for it is toothed. He is the supreme military commander of Peil's Thunder, the largest mercenary corps in the Coalition which enjoys government funding.

Oran Clontir, Leader of the Order of the Vile
A large, fat and completely hairless albino. This man is the leader of the Order of the Vile.

Selar, Ruler of the Selari Knights
Selar is something of a mystery. He is very reclusive and rarely leaves Morrenkreg Keep. Reports of his physical description varies. Some describe him as an old man, thin and wrinkled, who leans heavily on a silver staff. He dresses in shimmering dark blue robes and wears a tall crown which appears to be fashioned from blackened bone. He has also been described as a giant of a man wearing full plate armor which is as black as knight. No one knows what his true form might be.

Caeqor - Independent Magi and Advisor to the Council of Seven.
A mysterious hooded and masked wizard whose face have never been seen. Dwells in a dark tower in the city and serves as an advisor to the ruling council.

Mallius - Renegade Dragon Knight
A former member of the Order of the Drake, this renegade knight now flies about the Coalition and surrounding south lands on his firedrake steed. He is often seen coming to and from Tyrrenkor. It is rumored he sometimes works for the Council of Seven.

Inns and Taverns

Kettle and Tankard
Proprietor: Hadric Tanner
Brewery/Pub/Tavern - The Kettle and Tankard is a large brewery and pub run by an ogre brewer, an orc and a dwarf. Hadric Tanner, the orc, is the owner of the bar with a charismatic streak. He tends bar and makes sure everyones tankard stays full. Broth, the ogre, is the brewer (and bouncer when need be). As a worshiper of Kalishiba, he runs a very clean and organized kitchen and carefully crafts each batch of ale. Ugan Vrin, the dwarf, does the paperwork and finances.

Wyvern's Tail
Proprietor: Glencargel Fen
Inn/Tavern - A tall, friendly man with a mane of fiery red hair. Fen is a tough man and a great fighter, but also has a heart of gold. He enjoys looking out for the underdogs in Tyrrenkor and taking care of those who arent able to take care of themselves. This may mean stepping into a fight to defend a weakling from a bully or taking a street urchin into his home for a hot meal and a safe bed. This kind of behavior would get Fen into all kinds of trouble in a city like Tyrrenkor if he werent such a great warrior. He is also an honorable fighter never lowering himself to the dirty street fighting that is so common among brigands and bandits. He always offers his opponent a way out and will often choose to talk instead of fight. He enjoys telling tales, but tends to be a bit long winded. Those unfortunates who he takes under his wing have to endure the stories.

Red Wolf Alehouse
Proprietor: Tomas Wolf
Tavern - Tomas Wolf runs one of the more gregarious taverns in Tyrrenkor. Bar fights are common and all comers are welcome. Here one can find human brigands, orc warriors, ogre captains, pirates and thieves sitting and drinking along side common citizens, farmers, travelers and craftsmen. Tomas Wolf, a handsome 35 year old human ex-warrior who has settled down to run his fathers tavern is rumored to be having a torrid love affair with the madame of the local brothel.

Shard of Bone
Proprietor: Norian Tyr
Tavern/Inn - The Shard of Bone is a small tavern run by a bitter man named Norian Tyr. Norian is a tall man (6 foot 7 inches) with a curly mane of hair and mustache. He often wears furs and a steel breast plate, reminding him of his former days as a captain in the Coalition militia. Norian hates Tomas Wolf and is in direct competition with the Red Wolf Alehouse. In addition, Norian lusts after Jesamin Bryth, often visiting her brothel daily but never having the wealth or nobility to catch her eye. The recent rumors he has heard that she and Tomas may be lovers infuriates him to the point of madness. He will often speak badly of the Red Wolf Alehouse to guests. The Shard of Bone has watered down ale, poor quality food, two dozen small and dirty rooms and a large common sleeping room that can be had for a copper.

Sword and Skull
Proprietor: Wulter and Okar Blackblade
Tavern - A rough and rowdy tavern frequented by Tyrrenkor's most unsavory types. Assassins, thieves, bandits and mercenary soldiers are the usual clientele. Bar fights are very common. Orcs, ogres, saurians and other humanoid races can be found here. This large tavern is run by a pair of brothers, Wulter and Okar, who purchased the place 12 years ago with the profits from their gladiator days. Both are ex-pit fighters and wrestlers and were very successful. Okar is married and has three daughters. Wulter has yet to settle down and is usually the one to break up the barfights and keep the peace. The food here is of poor quality, the ale is watered down and the private rooms in the back are small and dirty.

Draloc's Pit
Propietor: Draloc
Gambling Hall/Tavern/Inn - This huge establishment is famous throughout Tyrrenkor and is one of the most popular destinations in the city. It is, first and foremost, a gambling hall. Most betting surrounds arranged fights that occur in the central fighting pit. Mock battles, one on one duels, group combat and fights to the death occur nightly. Crowds on three tiers of balconies line the pit and cheer on their favorite contenders. The betting is as fierce as the stench of ale and tobacco. In addition to fighting and gambling, this establishment serves food and drink and has 17 rooms for rent and two large common rooms. Four private meeting rooms are available in the back.

The Guilds of Tyrrenkor

Tower of Darkness
Ulgoar Mathoc
Guild Hall - The Chosen dwell in a dark tower at the center of Tyrrenkor. Ths huge building is ten stories with labyrinths stretching to unknown depths beneath it. Fear hangs over this tower like a brooding cloud. Even the other citizens of Tyrrenkor tread carefully about this place.

Jaggar Poul
Guild Hall - The Necrosin is a large building of black stone. This is the home of the Fellowship and main temple of that evil religion.

Thunder Keep
Tomoc Edrith
Guild Hall - This large castle houses the officers and several divisions of the mercenary corps, Peil's Thunder.

Oran Clontir
Guild Hall - The Cauldron is the home of the Order of the Vile. This odd assortment of alchemists, herbalists, sages, wizards and tinkerers work to devise all manner of poisons, potions, magical items and weapons. They guard their secrets jealously behind stout walls. The Order makes its goods available to any who can afford them.

Morrenkreg Keep
Spencer Strachan
Guild Hall - Morrenkreg Keep is the home of the Selari Knights. It is a sprawling castle with many turrets and balconies and is home to over 800 warriors, servant and knights. Spencer Strachan is the castellan charged with the care and order of the castle and the troops within. The Selari Knights are ruled by the reclusive being known as Selar.

League Hall
Asher Poladan
Guild Hall - The League of Stone and Steel meets and works in the League Hall, a six story tower of stone. The League employs many craftsmen and smiths and sells a wide variety of weapons, armor and equipment.

Shops and Other Establishments

Bleeding Crescent
Gloran Tymok
Smithy - Gloran Tymok, a half ogre, is a good smith with a creative flair. Most of his work is on commission. He specializes in odd jobs and unique weapons. Many of his creations are variations on traditional designs. Some are completely original types of weapons from his imagination. Two bladed swords, crescent swords, viper blades, five prongs and blood hammers are just some of the fanciful names of his unique weapons.

The Raven and the Serpent
Jesamin Bryth
Brothel - Jesamin Bryth is a fantastically beautiful woman with raven black hair and the bronzed skin of a southerner. She has dark, smoldering eyes that glitter and high cheek bones which hint at a possible elvish heritage. Her suitors are too numerous to count as half the nobility in this city would kill to have her. Still, she has maintained her reputation as a skilled and discerning high class whore. A single night with her is said to cost 100 gold lords. She takes few clients these days to concentrate on running the brothel. Rumors hint at a love affair between her and Tomas Wolf. Jesamin has powerful friends in the city and this keeps her and her girls safe.

The Laden
The Karan Brothers
Trading Post - This large trading post is housed in a four story stone and timber building. The Laden is one of the oldest establishments in Tyrrenkor, having been founded by a pair of brothers, both retired members from Peil's Thunder. Now, the four sons of the elder founder run the company. Hagan, the oldest brother, is the leader and tracks the inventory and money with meticulous attention to detail. The second oldest, Pallo, is the security expert and does repairs around the building and maintains the doors and locks. Kreve, the third brother, is the talkative charismatic salesman who interacts with customers. The youngest, Hunris, is a dreamer who dabbles in magic and helps little with the business. The trading post itself is a well ordered business that deals in trade and barter and has just about anything anyone could possible want. Weapons, armor, clothing, leather goods, boots, cloaks, saddles, blankets, cooking ware, lanterns, tools and so much more are all here. The store occupies three floors. The four brothers live on the top fourth floor.

The Wounded Petal
Tabius Coth
Alchemy Shoppe/Apothecary - This large shop is a mix of apothecary, herbalist shopee and alchemy laboratory. It is run (openly) by the Order of the Vile and this is their chief means of selling their wares to the public. During business hours, there is a staff of 10-12 people on duty organizing, filing, packaging and selling everything that the Order manufactures. Here one can buy a variety of poisons, toxins, antidotes, acids, soaps, perfumes, love potions, sleep potions, glues, solvents, paints, drugs, healing potions, tinctures, lotions, teas and tobaccos.

The House of Thorns
Portho Bariask
Apothecary - This store sells all manner of things derived from plants: natural poisons and antidotes, herbs, tobacco, drugs, spices and a variety of edible plant based foods. Since all such things are the province of the Order of the Vile, the local apothecary guild, this shop is in direct competition with the Order. However, the proprietor, Portho Bariask, a former member of the Order, is openly defiant of that guild. Great tension exists between the Order and this independent herbalist. He is driven to have better products and sell them at lower costs than the Order and he often succeeds. Portho also brews and sells simple potions.

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