Full Item Description
To the untrained eye or those not privy with some otherworldy sense, this would seem to be nothing more then a silver dinner fork. Just a regular, run of the mill, every day piece of silverware.
Those who can sense magic however or are somehow otherwise in the know of what this holy relic might be would experience anything they normally would while looking at or handling any other minor holy relic. (Ie: Light glow, warm to the touch, sense of divine power, ect)
While no one had given indisputable proof that this fork (or others like that) belong to a specific pantheon, there is no shortage of devout who claim it to be an icon of the god(s) of the feast or harvest of their respective faiths while others suspect it is some sort of joke by Olidammara.
Dwarves and gnomes however have shown to be somewhat bitter about just which pantheon these forks represent as dwarves insist that it is an icon representing Hanseath while gnomes feel it is an icon of The Glutton.
Regardless of how how and who’s whim these forks came into being by, the fact remains that aside from the obvious benefits of a holy icon which can turn the undead, this item is something of a sought after commodity (especially among underworlders due to the rarity caused by the gnomes and dwarves instance the forks are of their god(s)) since it also has the ability to make whatever food it is used to serve taste better. Just how the food taste better is most often described as illusive and hard to place, but none the less better.
Magic/Cursed Properties
Treat as minor holy relic should holy relics ward off or repel undead. Otherwise treat as if enchanted with a turn undead spell as if cast by a level 4 caster.
Improves taste of food served with this fork. Should the tastiness of the food be determined by a dice roll, treat as if food taste 2 points above what it would normally would.
The fork resist tarnish and dust will not cling to it’s surface.

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