LOCATION: The Royal Catacombs.


Main Entrance: The entrance to the tomb is secured by two large stone doors which appear to have no method of opening them. In fact they don't even look like doors but rather a wall. This door has a large inscription carved into it that says:

'Here lies a peasant child scarred by the heat of battle.
Fighting not for glory but because he just wanted to live,
His desperation led him to victory.'

To open this door you need to play the boy's favorite song. Once you do this the door will slowly slide open. This door will close behind you and a security gate will cover it.

Hall of Combat: This grand antechamber is a large open space in the shape of an octagon. In this room are rows upon rows of statues surrounding a large raised platform in the center. These statues are of his unit that have died during the war clad in full arms and armor. At the end of this chamber is an ornate metal door that is basically a tightly sealed blast door. There is no way to open this door physically. The same inscription that is on the entrance door. But another part has been added:

'Do not disturb the sanctity of this tomb.
This is a child's burial site for gods sake.
Have a heart and let him rest in peace.'

To open this door you must pass a trial. Upon examining the door and attempting to open it will start the trial.

Most of the statues will retreat to the edges of the room but there are 8 that will stand in front of each section of statues. These 8 unique statues are of his closest comrades.

A spectral projection will emerge from these 8 statues one by one. After each one is defeated, one of the seals on the door will begin to glow. To release the final seal you must defeat them all at once.

Once all of the seals are glowing, the doors will unlock and open permitting entry into the next room. The gate that blocks the entrance door will also open too.

Hall of Lore: This room is filled with elaborate murals depicting the story of the child solder. There are three doors that lead to three other rooms. However these doors are locked. These doors are blocked by electric beams which will shock you it you touch them. You will need to figure out how to deactivate them to proceed. Each one will require you to enter a code. You should find these codes hidden in the murals. But they are very subtle.

One of these doors lead to the burial chamber but it is also a sealed blast door which requires two keys to open. When you have acquired both keys by passing the trials in the other rooms then you must place the keys into into the doors and interact with them at the same time. Once opened, you can enter the burial chamber. This door will also close behind you.

Hall of Fear: This room is a large open area that will require you to face your worst fears and also the child's most fearful moments during the war. During these trials your mind will be replaced with the mind of the PC's age equivalent of the child's during each moment. Once this trial is completed, your mind will be restored to normal.

A sealed forcefield will appear over the door to prevent you from leaving. Once you complete the trial in this room, the forcefield will be removed and the first key to open the burial chamber will be revealed. Upon returning to the Hall of Lore, another set of sealed forcefields will block all the doors and you must fight sword wielding guardians to remove them.

Hall of Courage: In this large chamber you must reenact the hardest battles that the child had to face during the war. A sealed forcefield will close off the door preventing escape. During this trial you will be wounded for real so treat these trials like regular fights. Once the trial is completed successfully the sealed forcefields will be removed allowing you to leave and get the second key.

Returning to the Hall of Lore will require you to complete the same encounter you faced after the Hall of Fear Trial before proceeding.

Hall of Burial: If you manage to make it this far you will see many treasures. Specifically the child's possessions both in war and peace. Horse armor and saddle, Suits of armor, and the Sword Of The Innocent Child. The horse armor, suits of armor, and sword are the only things of real value in here. There is very little in terms of gold and other loot.

The moment you enter this room you will see a sarcophagus which is sealed tightly and made of blast resistant materials on the other end of the room. If you manage to open it you will see his lifeless corpse inside clad in his current suit of armor and holding his magical sword in his cold dead hands.

When you step inside, the entire room will be secured with sealed forcefields. This will trap you inside and in the center.Then the ghost of the boy will manifest before the intruder. He will then proceed to talk of his experiences in combat. Projecting his mindset and visions of his past battles in vivid detail into the head of the PCs.

NOTE: These visions should be described from the first person perspective. They should be as explicit and graphic as possible. With all of the gory details especially paid the most attention to. Remember this is supposed to be depicting the heat of battle though the vivid details burned into the child's mind.

For example: You see the soldiers running towards you. With a feral battle cry you lunge forward with sword and shield in hand. With an aura of fear turned to fury you hack into the first foe, unseaming him through the belly. You flinch as the blood flecks your face and slimy entrails pour from the body. Another foe tries to attack you from the side. Your shield connects with his face followed shortly by your sword slashing his throat. Rough gurgling noises are heard as you see the man clutching his neck which has crimson blood pouring in rivers from the gash there. You watch in shock as the men you have known for the longest time are hacked apart before your eyes. Their blood splattering on your armor and even catching your face. etc.

Do not bother trying to kill the ghost. It is impossible. What you will do if you try is cause him to attack you. If he attacks you will die by his hands.

If you are not driven mad by this time, he will say that you are free to try and loot the tomb but that you will not find much of interest. From there he will remove the sealed forcefields and allow you to leave. However he will constantly implore you reconsider and just leave him in peace if you try to loot.

Ignoring his pleas will make him trigger the defense protocols. Now every room will be filled with guardians that will spawn endlessly. You must fight your way though them until you make it out the tomb. During this time the spirit of the child will offer to remove them if you return what you took from the tomb. If you do, he will do so. But if you try again then the guardians will start appearing again.

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