There is a large dry well in the room and it is cornered by 4 statues holding jar high above their heads. Also there is a drain valve which will dry the whole well once activated.

Each statue/jar when operated spills a certain amount of water when activated. This amount is unknown to the party.

The well is marked inside by 5 level marks, thus it is splited in 5ths. The statues will spill the water in 10ths.

To unlock the door(s) the right amount of water must be put into the well, no more or less. If the water level goes up the right amount, the door will lock again.

Example of Operation

There are four doors inside the Well room: the one where the party came from and other three to be explored. Once the players enter the room the door behind'em locks.

There are no instructions in the room on how to operate the mechanism. The players shall discover it by themselves.

They have to find a way to discover how to operate, which is the amount spilled by each statue/jar and thus begin the experiments on water level.

• The First Statue fills 8/10ths of the well;

• The Second Statue fills 1/10ths of the well;

• The Third Statue fills 3/10ths of the well;

• The Fourth Statue fills 5/10ths of the well;

To open the doors the players shall fill the well accordingly to the right amount of water, as below:

• The First Door opens with 2/5ths of the well filled (statues 2+3);

• The Second Door opens with 3/5ths of the well filled (statues 3+3);

• The Third Door opens when the well is full (statues 4+4 or 1+2+2).

• The fourth door (the one they came from) will also open when another door opens together.

There is no way to fill the well completely and control its level through the Drain Valve: It will ONLY be operable when the WHOLE well is depleted.


Adapt it as you wish to contextualize to your adventure/campaign.

Give or not clues/instructions, it is up to you!

Use as many numbers of doors you think right, also be free to change the amount of water needed!

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