Full Item Description
The True Demonslayer is a fearsome weapon to behold. The blade of the greatsword is inlaid with runes from the hilt to about a quarter the length of the blade. The grip of the sword is encased in well worn leather and has a large demon fang on each side for the handguard. The pommel of the sword encases a large ruby.
The True Demonslayer was originally created by an Artisan working for the Demon Archivist on the Hell's Caravan project. This Artisan met with a very painful death after it was discovered that the curse that was supposed to be laid on the sword backfired. The sword the Archivist wanted created was designed to actually heal any infernal foe that the sword might strike. This mistake was not discovered until after the sword was already in the world. The sword was given as a gift to a young prince of a kingdom. When the demons attacked, planning on destroying the kingdom, they found a nasty surprise waiting for them. The sword had a devastating effect on the demons and the ones still alive fled in terror. The demons have attempted to reclaim the sword over the years but the destruction it wreaks on them has made this unsuccessful so far. The sword has been passed down as an heirloom in the kingdom for generations now.
Magic Properties
This is a greatsword +2, +5 vs. demons/devils and it has a 20% chance of utterly destroying a demon/devil on a critical hit.

Note: This is sort of part of the in work Hell's Caravan stuff. The demons did make a second attempt at creating the sword and I'll post that in the next couple of days along with more information about Hell's Caravan.

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