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July 2, 2013, 5:32 pm

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The Tarxan


A hostile race discovered through dimensional boring. The first encounter with the violent and nomadic Tarxan occurred in Neo-Constantinople of the Eurasian Alliance, hence the Turkish/Central Asian rooted name.

NAIS Autopsy Report

Classification Level: Secret, Omega 1

Reporting Physician: Dr. Stephanie May-Duncan

I, Dr. Stephanie May-Duncan, performed an autopsy on Tarxan Specimen 2 (Male) at St. Justinian Medical Complex, New Constantinople, Turkey, Eurasian Alliance on February 16th, 347 CE.

From anatomic findings and investigation I ascribe the death of Specimen 2 to ELECTROCUTION applied to the body. Cause of death indicated in field report listed as discharge from Lightning Rifle. My investigation supports this claim.

Anatomical Survey

The Tarxan species is physiologically very similar to homo sapiens. The body has the same layout and the same general proportions, including a large cranium, mammalian biology and general tolerances. There are significant differences, and the extent of these differences are still to be determined if they are the product of divergent evolution or applied biotechnologies.

Head: The Tarxan demonstrates a reduced level of hair on the cranium, with very little on the skull or face. This appears to be biological in function, and not the product of hair removal grooming. The ears are large, pointed and demonstrate a tattered appearance. There is little cartilage in the ear, making it rather bat-like. The teeth are in line with a carnivorous diet, with only vestigial premolars in the rear of the jaw. The lower jaw is pronounced, and the jaw muscles are large and well developed. The Tarxan likely has an impressive ability to deliver a large and powerful bite. The brain is slightly smaller than human, but this is less than a 5% difference, and the frontal lobe is less developed, while the cerebellum is somewhat larger and more developed than the average human brain.


Specimen 2 demonstrates primitive Bone Lacing, a rudimentary process to increase strength and durability in genetic augments and biomodification augments. There is large amounts of scarring, demonstrating a crude technique and likely a long and painful recovery by Specimen 2. Internal organs are more geared towards a high protein carnivorous diet, with a simple and relatively uncomplicated gastrointestinal tract. The liver, kidneys and other excretory organs are robust, leading to conclude that the Tarxan is able to resist toxic environments and tainted food supplies much better than an average human.

The reproductive system demonstrates a large size to body ratio so either Specimen 2 was a well endowed male of the species, or if Specimen 2 is close to the average, the species would likely demonstrate a high rate of reproduction with very high rates of breeding. More information would be required to make a more educated hypothesis.

Blood chemistry demonstrates the presence of tailored combat hormones and other artificial compounds. A further examination of Specimen 2 revealed a previously overlooked artificial organ. Located behind the Liver, a small gland seems to have been the source of these militarized compounds. There is further scarring to demonstrate that the gland was inserted via crude surgery, and likely was not a product of the Tarxan themselves. The organ demonstrates a very high level of genetic sophistication and has been sent to //redacted// for further study.


The Tarxan is heavily muscled, and the skin is both thick and tough. Specimen 2 demonstrates injuries consistent with being shot with civilian grade firearms that only caused minimal injury and bruising. The arms have ceramic/bone spurs buried between the radius and ulna bones. The musculature of the forearm has been modified to allow for Specimen 2 to extend or retract the spur by flexing the forearm. This is a biomodification, and the scarring around the tendons indicates the implanting procedure was done relatively recently, within the last two years assuming a similar rate of healing and scarification.

Origins of the Tarxan

The Tarxan are believed to be a species that lives parallel to Humans on an alternate Earth. The operation of large bore dimensional probes and engines seems to attract their attention and in the case of several Storm Rifts, small numbers of their race have become displaced into our dimension. It can be logically assumed that the random accounts of missing persons associated with large bore dimensional probes can be attributed to the same phenomenon working in reverse.

The Tarxan are an intelligent species, with their own language but lacking a written version or any oral traditions to pass on their cultural experience. The species is semi-nomadic, barbaric, and very warlike. Encounters with Tarxans invariably end with violence. Given the crude status of their language, and weaponry (unpowered melee weapons) that the Tarxans are a primitive species, on par with Iron age Terran cultures. The presence of modern and advanced biomodification indicates the presence of another higher level culture in the realm Tarxans hail from, or that the specimens encountered thus far are exiles and outcastes. Given the unfamiliarity of Tarxans with basic technology such as firearms, push button electronics and androids and other technology, it is assumed that they are a nomadic species living in a realm with another much more technologically dominant species or culture.

Some Tarxans have been discovered on Earth in the past, through historical records. These individuals served as mercenaries and monks, integrating into the local culture. It is assumed that there were unmodified non-warrior aspected Tarxans and might have been clerical, or labor caste individuals. If the pre-writing era stories bear truth, Tarxans and humans are cross-fertile and can create hybrid offspring.

Behind the DM's Screen

The Tarxan are based on Baraka from Mortal Kombat, and the alternate realm being tapped by Dimensional Bores is effectively Outworld. Rather than being an entire race of Barakas, the Tarxans are a primitive barbaric race with a vicious warrior culture who are alternately the slaves of, and the destroyers of the more humanoid cultures of Outworld. The Tarxan are nomads, and the dimensional bores have a habit of punching through into Outworld in remote locations and function as the Outworld equivalent of haunted places, and monster sightings like Bigfoot, Mothman and the like.

The Outworld elites are technologically on par with Humanity in terms of biomodification and general sciences, but have not discovered arcanotechnology and are still reliant on fossil fuels, slavery, and heavy drug trades. They modify Tarxans to be supersoldiers to fight and kill the enemies of the higher cultures, be it other states within Outworld, rival tribes of Tarxans, or just turning into violent bloodbaths of revolts and rebellions when the Tarxan slaves, soldiers and gladiators rise up against their masters. They do not demonstrate any ability of parapsychic powers, and are superstitious and paranoid in the extreme.

Additional Ideas (2)

Tarxan Encounter Table

Tarxan Raider - A single Tarxan, armed with forearm blades and a bad attitude. The Raider is disoriented and will attack with fury, and anything it cannot overcome quickly it will flee. 

Tarxan Raider Party - An equal or greater number of Tarxan raiders to the PC party. All are armed with varying sized arm scythes as well as carrying their own bladed melee weapons. They have some provisions, and chemical  augments (functions as Chemical Augmentation Suit) and possibly several Tarxan hounds (triple jawed reptilian wolf/lizard things)

Tarxan Hunting Party - Foragers and hunters more than warriors, less than half have arm blades, but are armed with spears and hunting bows, accompanied by at least one pack of tarxan hounds.

Tarxan Family Cell - A single Tarxan warrior, decorated with trophies and tattoos along with a harem of Tarxan females, ranging from middle teens to later middle age. The warrior is skilled and dangerous, and has the desire to protect his wives and multitude of children.

Tarxan Mystic - A hybrid half Tarxan half something else, manifests limited parapsychic abilities, typically Parapsychic healing, or parasensensory abilities used to 'guide' the mystic and the tribe.

Tarxan Feral - A survivor from a previous dimensional breech, this Tarxan has survived on Earth long enough to learn a bit of the common local language and hide from the locals by posing as a leper or other pariah. 

2013-07-05 01:30 PM » Link: [7443#88377|text]
Tarxan Hound 

Tarxan hounds are all tough and ill-tempered as their masters. The hounds are mammal-like reptiles, having a warm blooded metabolism and upright gait, but scales and are egg layers. They exhibit a range of coloration, with the females being dull drab colors and the male hounds being brightly colored, with reds, blues, oranges, and purple being common. 

The hound has a separated bottom jaw, which allows it to use either side of its bottom jaw independently. Once they bite onto something they can work the jaw until they have a very solid bite. It is assumed that this is a hunting or fighting technique used to wound or slow larger animals until their masters can dispatch the animal with swords or spears.

2013-07-05 03:57 PM » Link: [7443#88380|text]
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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted valadaar
July 7, 2013, 9:05
A really neat take on that MK character and they could readily be used as goons for any magic capable NPC.

You have a duplicate Hounds section.
July 8, 2013, 8:22
Fixed that
Voted Chaosmark
September 8, 2013, 13:27
I really like this. The medical examiner write-up really allows a detailed description without being a plain info-dump. While inspired by a character from somewhere else, I see plenty of potential for these Tarxan to be useful in a large number of settings.

Also, bonus points for that encounter table. Usability is a plus.



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