Leviathan is a long thin sword; it has a golden hilt with glittering silver writing carved around the grip. Along the blade a small pattern of waves are seen close up, in the waves if you look even closer you can see the water god leviathan. The blade shines a light blue which most don't relies. As the sword is in action the waves if you watch them seem to move and so does the creature hidden amongst them. As the battle wages on the blade will turn into a deeper more solid blue, and at command it will be covered from hilt to tip in boiling water. The water rolls around the sword in a fluid motion making a figure of eight around the blade. It does not burn the owners hands but burn's anything else it touches. The water is dark glittering silver, and is easily seen in the dark. The sword is to be used with due care and attention as past users have used it for evil. The sword will give the holder increased resistance to heat and is also able to be submerged in a lake and still burn brightly. There is also a weak spot to the sword as there is for everything, unfortunately for the user of the blade the magic will shorten their life span and is also weak at the joint between the blade and the hilt if attacked with such a force at this point the blade will snap and become useless. It also takes quite a while to master the blade properly.