(I had minor surgery a couple days ago, and am high on pain meds. I had this dream last night, complete with name, and thought I'd write it up for your amusement.)

The Strolenati Mountain Sheep are a race of intelligent, telepathic mountain sheep living in the mountains far to the north. As far as they know, they have always been here, on their mountain, although they have legends of a group they know as The Dreamers who were there at the beginning, but are gone now. Whether the Dreamers created them or not is a widely-debated subject among the Elders.

The Strolenati Mountain Sheep are not widely known and that, along with the remoteness of their mountain, has kept them safe. They watch the occasional intruder but, since they look like regular mountain sheep, they have been able to hide what they are.

Most of the Strolenati live in herds, roaming their mountain and keeping in touch telepathically. The Elders, or Revered Ones, are the scholars. With their greatly increased ability to store memories, they are living repositories of knowledge and experience. Other Strolenati come to share new experiences or memories with the Elders, or to learn from them.

The Elder-Guards are experienced fighters who volunteer to protect the Elders, the treasure of the Strolenati. Being an Elder-Guard is a highly prestigious and coveted position, and avidly sought after by the veteran fighters.

(You know, I may actually use them in my campaign. Any problem with using the name?)

(So if you enter the Citadel under the effects of pain meds, beware. Who knows what may follow you back out!)

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The Mountain Sheep of the Strolenati

Many, many moons ago, as told by the Elders, we, The Sheep, inherited a great deal of knowledge from The Dreamers, They came to us and lay in our fields, staring into the starry night sky all fixated upon a single focal point, an unknown point in the blackness of space. The Dreamers dreamed, with eyes wide open, and we ate of the grass that surrounded their heads. The Ones who ate are now known as The Elders, immortal sheep whose knowledge surpasses that of even the most brilliant human sages.

Their spawn now make up the remainder of our tribe. The powers of the spawn are not a great, yet still impressive. They have a limited range of telepathy among other sheep, and the power of Thought Transfer, or The Sacred Mind Bond not to be done with lesser beings.

The Elders share a dark secret that not even their young spawn know of or could even imagine. They watch the world through the minds of mortals. Humans, Orcs, and Dwarves, their kin and their ilk, provide The Elders with many insightful ideas and musings that they have no outlet for. The Elders, content with this, speak to to each other of the race they have been gifted the insight into, for each elder can only see the mind of a certain bloodline of mortal beings. And through these ties, their view the world, chronicling and debating the history of mortals past, present, and future, in hopes that The Dreamers will return to collect the knowledge and relieve them of their burden.