Name: More commonly referred to as either Blood-drinker, Life Taker, or Death's 'lil helper, their proper name is Animus Capere (Which is Latin for 'To take a soul'), causing the modern tongue's speaker to call them 'Soul-taker.'

Appearance: Though they can be any type of sword, they tend to be straight, and double-sided. They also have a twisting, abstract line design down the center of the blade, white on the gray, which some swear changes slightly each time they sheath it. It's pommel is a diamond. The sheath (and it will never lack a sheath) has the same type of design the blade does- twisting strands of white lines going down to the point. The sheath's inside, if inspected, will be a blood-red.

Benefit: Each time the sword is used to combat and does damage, the amount of damage it did is added to the amount of damage done next round. So if the sword delivers 6 damage to a giant the first round, and the next it rolls for 3 damage, then the second round it will do 9 damage. This extra damage will be assumed to come from increased strength. In fact, the wielder will feel a great deal stronger after damage is done than before, or after the combat. Also in combat, the sword absorbs its victim's blood.

Drawback: This sword starts off with a severely negative intelligence. (enough time for the wielder to grow used to it, and for the DM to know they aren't going to sell it). Whenever it is used to kill something, then its intelligence will be increased by 1-4 points. When the sword gets a positive intelligence of 1 or over, it starts to influence the wielder. Note that effects are cumulative (each previous ability is still in play) With an intelligence of 1-4, the wielder will want to keep the sword, and resist throwing it away. 5-8=the wielder is more bloodthirsty, and seek combat more than peace, though will still run away when beaten. 9-12=the wielder seeks out a fight, and will go into taverns to start a bar fight. 13-16=the Wielder  will kill his friends if they try to either take the sword, restrain him from fighting, or attempt to convince him not to fight. 17+=the sword has complete control over the wielder, and will use the wielder as a means to keep the sword's intelligence high. If combat does not happen for 12 hours, than the sword's intelligence will drop by one point.

Lore: On a dark and stormy night in the year 345 PT, a young man, called H'sar, knocked on the Archmage's tower's door. He sought an apprenticeship. After being tested by the Archmage, by the name of Raet the Powerful, Raet accepted his H'sar, and taught him many things. H'sar eventually got to be powerful enough at magic to become Raet's assistant. At that time, Raet was experimenting with creating artificial intelligence (and had hired a couple of fighters to keep out complaining clerics). Raet found a spell that did something like what he sought out to do. The spell, instead of creating and putting life into an object, drew out the life from within it. And the life that came out of the object would reflect the object is was. If the spell was cast on a mirror, the mirror would know all about the person in front. The mirror would know all of your secrets, all of your fears, and all your hopes and dreams, too. H'sar, however, fell under religious persuasion from a group against Artificial Life, believing the creation of life to be the province of the gods. H'sar wanted to destroy these new lives, and his master, too, and knew he could never hope to beat Raet in a duel. So he made one more life, in the form of a guard's sword. The sword took possession of the guard, and went on a rampage throughout the tower. The floors were stained red. But Raet proved to be the match of the sword. And, being a pacifist and against violence, cursed the sword to not be able to be able to influence a human being. Raet missed a crucial detail in his spell, however, and the sword lived out its days able to deliver extra damage, to lure people into continued use, and gain intelligence to beat the curse with each droplet of blood drunk, until it is smart enough to overcome the curse.

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