The Mystically Stinky, the Summoners of Stank, The Smellbinders revel is all that is rank...

The Smellbinders are a recent addition to your society of outlandish magics. Only now have the powers of stenches revealed themselves to the worthy few. There is not much history to this order of mages. They came into existence a few years after the cataclysm/great war/other disaster and have not grown much. Their members include mostly primitive magic users from the Smelly-Bog Goblin Tribe, the Orcs of Ever-stink Mountain, and/or Gag-Master's Troglodyte Clan. But a few of the less respected city-dwelling magic-users have also joined the cabal.

The powers they possess are the powers of the nose. They can shape smells like clay, even transport them and use them for greater magics. A few of their powers include:
- A Nauseating Gas Cloud that can be moved around for maximum effect. It usually covers about a 10ft cube, but can vary depending on the skill of the mage.
- Remote Viewing of any place the mage has left his scent. Little is known about this powerful power other than the area must smell bad and the mage must meditate to view the area.
- They can Ward an area against normal/non-magical animals.
-They can nullify scents or increase a beings sensitivity to certain scents, even creating permanent allergies in extreme cases.

Long term goals include: Turning the world into a stinking wasteland where they rule supreme.

Short term goals: Converting the lesser beings of the world into loyal minions of The Smellbinders.

They meet in secret caves or forested locations monthly to discuss what new uses they have discovered for their powers and talk about upcoming social/anti-social events.

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