LLorryn of Rydlin crafted thirteen of the famed Singing Blades, as well as numerous other charms and magic items. All are known for his trademark, the ringing sound caused by the magic flowing through them. The Swords are his best known body of work.

Full Item Description
Each Singing Blades is a Middle Swords of Rydlin Steel. The blades have a song worthy blue damascene sheen to them. They are as hard and strong as any modern Rydlin steel. Their crossguards and pomels are brushed bronzed steel. Once polished, these pieces gleam like gold. Their grips are wire twine wraps brushed down to be "soft". All but a hardened warrior will wear gauntlets when using them. The pomel is stamped with the rune that state's its name.

The blades are prone to "sing". If pulled from a scabard, OR striking something, OR swung vigerously (as with a kata or intense pactice set, the swords will "ring". When pulled from a scabard, with will make a distinctive "shring" the enhanced sound of metal upon metal removed from the scabard. When strking something, it will ring almost like a bell. After being pulled, striking something, or just swung with vigor and force, the singing blades will "hum" for a time... much like a tuning fork.

The swords will also hum if magic is drawn through them. So if magic is agumenting the fighting actions the hum will increase. Also humming will occur if an incidental use of magic occurs.

Note: Lets face it, PCs wills start making lightsaber noises or actually get tuning forks which they will swing around. Encourage it. It makes the weapons more interesting.

For those that do not know of them, Middle Swords were a common weapon in a previous era (Insert historical era in your world's history). They were based off earlier bronze blades of a great warrior empire, but adapted to the needs of the times. (Much like the adaption of the Roman Spathica to later sword design).

These blades are made of Rydlin Steel, so they get those bonuses as well.

These are the most famous works of LLorryn of The Singing Steel. He was a master smith who was known during his lifetime as the maker of charms. However the great deeds of those who weilded his blades has brought him greater fame.

Over his career he made thirteen blades. Each of them was singling blades. It should be noted that he made dozens upon dozens of Singing Knives. While unnamed, these knives carried the same common magics as the Singing Blades. Among warriors and weaponsmiths, he is best known for those; among Bards it is the flashy Singing Blades. Each of the 13 blades has its own name and its own history. The 12 surviving blades are Blue, Flute, Harmony, "Hercules" (translation of local myth to one known by the reader), Justice, Lightning, Storm, Thunder, Truth, Return, Wind, and The Princeblade. The 13th Blade was Sand, but it was broken soon after his death. All but Blue have known owners.
Magic/Cursed Properties
The main magic of the Singing blades, common to all the blades, in enhanced speed of strike. Flashing Lightning is how the bards often describe it.
This adds to the iniative of the wielder, pluses to quick draw rolls, and grants either pluses to hits or penalties for the dodge/ block rolls.
The wielders have reported increases in their reflexes, agility, and dexterity, while wielding or carrying the blades.

Each singing blade has a name. That name defines its additional magics. These are not "great magics. Each blade allows slight mystic charmed based upon the names and domains. These are not automatic abilities, but require some skill with them to access. Thus the weapons are spell foci for their named domain.

Adding these blades to your campaign
These blades are simple things to intergrate into your campaign. Each of the 12 surviving blades needs to be put in the hands of one or more "historical" figures into your history. Thus the swords become "pins" to hold new ideas in your history.

So you have a blade with a war hero, his salior/ adventurer son, and then the blade was lost in The Dark Dungeon, to be reclaimed years later by The Famed Dungeon Adventurer. Thus these people can be minorly fleshed (footnotes really) out to explain a given time or place in your world's history.

War Hero needs a war and a may have a monument or battle sites. This son's exploits shows the various ports of calls and sea aspects of the world. The dungoner's exploits shows the "adventurer" tradition for the PCs.

Players can learn this history though a bard, through a lore, or finding something "historical".

Also the PCs will find mentions of the swords and go "oh okay" and get the feeling of continuity for the world.

Individual Sword Writeups
These write ups will explain their basic powers and give some "possible historical ideas" to utilize in your own world.

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Captain Jodiaus of Mythren commissioned a blade. He did not call for a magic blade, he just wished a fine blade to be made by a fine smith. He got much more and became a legend.


Truth grants the wielder to 'see the truth'. This goes beyond truthsensing (though that seems to be a common power). It also grants visions about 'the right actions' or the 'real reasons' behind events. All the powers of the blade are diminished, if not negated, if the owner lies or is false to his word.

Owner Seeds

He is one of the 'pins' of history now. Captain Jodiaus is a famed war hero and savior of two kingdoms.

His son was a naval hero of a checkered past. Captain Jodiaus has a different meaning for people of the Ocean. He left the navy and 'adventured' as a corsair and privateer. He is part Captain Bood and part Horatio Hornblower. He is a capatain that they still compare people to.

(See the footnotes that you can easily expand into your world's history?)

The Princeblade

Commissioned by The then King of Dyanzor, the commission was paid by the Just Deposer, King Mathius the III and given to his son.


The Blade is destined to enter the hands of the Proper Ruler of Dyanzor (or insert kingdom). If the sword evades you, you are not the 'best ruler' for the land. Consider it tricks of luck and fate as its power.

Note: The State of Dyanzor is no longer a kingdom, but it is passed on to the First Speaker of the Senate as they are elected.

Owner Seeds

The Then King of Dyanzor - He was a crazed tyrant. The blade was unable to go to him, so events conspired (the choking on a chicken bone while on campaign to crush the rebellion led by Mathius) for the blade to go to the better ruler.

Mathius the II was a great and just ruler. He gave the weapon to his heir, thus creating the tradition followed.


.... Also known as the Quiet Blade


This weapon seems to provide no special bonus. However for some reason the wielders tend to find no fame or fortune. They seem to be the people behind the scenes that make things happen.

Consider the power luck for those who work behind the scenes. The moment you go for fame or notoriety, the blade's abilities will be diminished.

Owner Seeds

Nobody. Oh sure, there might be a historical record here or there, but really... everybody know about the blade, but nobody seems to remember who owns it.

Exception: Prisus. Prisus was a young hero who save a princess from being sacrificed and went on to destroy the LicheKing threatening the Westlands. He married the Princess, became King, and stopped adventuring. He gave the weapon to his second son when he sent him out of find his fortune.



For those without musical talent, it grants it.

For those with musical talent, it grants access to 'bardic'/ song spells. Thus a whole variety of charms, audio illusions, hypnotic/ enchanting spells, and emotion orriented spells will be available to be learned and used.

Instead of just humming, it can sound like a flute.

Owner Seeds

Talimas: One of the Greatest Bards in all of history was a wielder of this blade. His tales of adventure are still fodder for Bards, Troupadors, and Minstrals today. His family line still holds the sword this day.



It has all the normal powers. Those powers fade if the wielder is not working towards the greater harmony/ good. Peaceful is not required as long as all social powers are balanced.

It does seem to give its owner a silvered tongue, as they are often master negociators and orators.

Owner Seeds

'The Great Rebel of Danzo'. This man was responsible for curbing the power of the crown and creating the Great Document that checks the power of the King and created Parliment.

Azuban The Merchant, one of the richest men of his day, he was a master of the bargin. He brokered a peace between countries just so he could have greater profit.



Those who possess the blade have great strength and great endurance. The power waxes and wanes with the strength of one's convictions.

Owner Seeds

Bartholemule the Black: This is the most vile warrior ever to cross the world. This villian carved out a warlord empire built upon banditry and deciet in the Middle Kingdoms.

Kaladral, Holy Knight

This is a paladin of great note, leading both a heroic and exemplar life. He used his strength for building and helping, as well as destroying Evil and vile heretics (note the emphasis on vile).

Kaladral's order, the Knights of the Golden Sun, still possess Hercules. It is given to their champion as he serves the order. While it has 'escaped' from time to time, the order has always managed to reclaim it.

Note: It's name is not Hercules, it is some other Prince of Power/ Godling of Strength in the world's mythology. However, Hercules is the handle that PCs can understand it by.



For those with a strong sense of justice, this weapon's abilities are increased. It also provides the ability to 'read people' well, so they can determine lying and truth speaking.

Owner Seeds

Currently wielded by The leader of Kingsguard's the people who maintain order in the Great City. The weapon has been a 'badge of office' for two centuries now.


Of all the blades, this is the most powerful.


This blade is properly named. It controls the power of lightning. By bleeding manna from the wielder, it can produce lightning. It allow allows one to 'flash' between two points. It will also deflect all forms of lightning and thunder attacks.

The Power waxes and wanes with one's belief in the power of nature. (Modifies the manna point cost) While those of the Druidic and Old Faiths have an advantage here, the more civilized people have worked the weapon with great efficiency.

Owner Seeds

Caladar the Great - This tribal leader managed to hold back the Great Empire for decades. Until the loss of his daughter, in which he led his people against the Empire. The Empire's fall is directly linked to Caladar's attack.

Twain the Lightning King- The Great King managed to conquer the Evil Beastmen and defend his peoples against all comers in The Dark Times.

It has fallen into the hands of the Kings of Deledor. It has become part of their personal battlegear, or that of their champion, since that time.


This weapon has no magic over the weather. It is the blade of conflict, of turbulance.


In times of trouble, turbulance, or stormy weather, it grants its wielder....

* increases pluses to its ability use the sword

* increases the wielder's perceptive abilities, so they can spot trouble or opportunity

* a sense of what is really important.

The weapons seems to be drawn to 'times of storms', so it is seems to be constantly lost, stolen, traded, or gifted. If the weapon stays still, often the times of storms come to it. Many like to see the weapon leave their lands.

Owner Seeds

Some of the most famous successful rebels in history have had this blade on their hip.

However, the number of Lords who have weathered tough times and maintained order in their troubled lands seem to be the most numerous kind of owner.


Famed and Loud weapon.


The weapon makes more noise than the normal humm of a Singing Sword. It makes stealth difficult as it will often make noise 'randomly'. However, for those that embrace the loudness, and partake in fame, boasting, and 'banging one's own drum', the weapon rewards you with increased abilities.

Allegedly thunderbolts can be thrown, but that may only be a bard's tale.

Owner Seeds

'Famed Reluctant Adventurer/ Emplorer' Did not want to be famous, but he did not deny it. He was not the kind of owner one expected given the powers.

Not everyone is a perfect match for the weapons.

'Lord Braggart'

'Prince of Salan'

Held by the House of Salan, held by the heir.


It does not return to the hand of its owner on command, though that is what people think of it. It was commissioned by a mother who was sending her only son to battle and wanted a sword to bring him home safely. While developed for sending soldiers off to war, it has become the tool of travellers.


It provides defensive abilities (either resistance or incresed dodge) and the ability to heal quickly and cleanly. It will provide luck for one who is on a journey to return home safely.

Owner Seeds

Best known for 'Marco Polo' the renowned traveller. He credits the blade a number of times in his works for helping to bring him home safely.


Wind is the most famous of the blades. For some reason, its owners tend to be involved in heroic situations and complicated relationships.


This weapons grants spells in the Air School/ Travel. The wielder must learn these spell/ skills, but once they do they can be cast at fractional energy costs (3x the number of spells a normal spell caster can cast).

The flashiest power it has grants the power of flight.

Owner Seeds

'Romeo' of a Romeo and Juliet like tragic love triangle. This weapon assisted the clandestine meetings, so it has been included in the plays and stories about it.

Arganas - This sailing hero used the power of the sword to move his boat. He managed to conquer a city for love, but to 'do the right thing' for his new people... he had to lose her.

Cypres - This once thief became the hero of the Kingdom (with title and lands) after stopping several plots against the crown. His family owns the sword still. Every generation or so one of his descendents manages to do something heroic.