In his natural form Brine S’Vick appears as an impossibly large shark that seems to be blind (which is fine, since he hunts be smell). He thrashes about in the deepest of oceans thoroughly enjoying his life with the sharks. He also has the forms of a Aquatic Giant and a Sea Elf, but only uses these when he wishes to either come on land (or a ship) for a brief time or when he wants to communicate with passers-by without frightening them, but he does so enjoy frightening them.

Brine started his life as a Aquatic Giant but was different than most, he spent most of his time among the pet sharks (feeding them and swimming with them). He was small as far as Aquatic Giants go, only about 30 feet tall.
He was a prankster too. One day he put an electric eel in the Sacred Urn of the Sea God, hoping to get shocking results… And he did, the priests went to move it and were zapped, they dropped the Urn and out came the eel. The eel told the Giant Priests who put him in there. As they cornered Brine, the ocean lit up with a holy light and he dissapeared. The last they saw of him was a Sea Elf swimming quickly away.

It is unknown how Brine came to assume his shark form, some speculate that he trained with the Sea Elf Shamans and became one with his idolized animal. Others say it was another cursefrom the Sea God that did this… Why don’t you ask him?

Special Equipment
In Sea Elf form Brine has been seen carrying a Dagger of Krue Atli. A magic knife with the power to cut through steel.

Roleplaying Notes
Brine is intimidating but usually willing to talk to adventurers for brief periods of time, he would prefer to capture them and feed them to his shark posse though (as long as he tricked them into it).

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