The Dancing Flame
The most obvious of the seven faces is the fire that burns, and it is given a great deal of respect. This allows for the control of manipulation of mundane fires, creation of magical fire, and the summoning of elementals of flame. While there is a great deal that can be done with this face of the flame, it is limited in that it’s power is destructive at heart.

The Radiant Flame
The fires of retribution and the swords of angels burn with white flame, for this is the Radiant Flame. Radiant flame is anathema to creatures of night and darkness, and its presence repels them. Harnessing Radiant flame is not an easy task, as it draws upon the higher spirit and must be pulled through the soul. Those who are pure and innocent are ever unharmed by Radiant Flame, and though it is fire, Radiant Flame doesnt ignite flammable materials.

Boiling with noxious smoke, demonfire is a foul and thick soup of searing heat and flame. This fire is nigh irresistable as it is drawn from hatred, misery, and suffering. While demonfire can be drawn through the soul from the fulminating lakes of Hell, the most potent demonfire is drawn from the emotions of the demonfire magus. Burns caused by demonfire are slow to heal, fast to scar, and become infected very quickly.

A flickering green flame, the Balefire is the fire of renewal, the burning wave that removes the sick and infirm and makes way for the young and the strong. This is also known as fey-fire, elf flame, and other such names. This magical flame doesnt burn physical things, rather it burns spirits, ideals, and intangible things. It is effacious against the fey, the mad, and destroys ghosts and undead with ferocity only excedding by radiant flame.

There is a flame that burns ice and water, and it is the anti-flame, the fire that consumes heat and leaves cold in it’s wake. Coldfire is an ancient element, a remnant from the forging of creation, and as such is anathema to all that is.

All things have an innate ability to burn within them, and this is the fire that burns that substance. Named phlogiston by the ancients, Orriflame is the all-consuming fire. Nothing to it is inflammable, even, amazingly, fire will be burned and consumed by Orriflame. Most think that this is the most difficult of the seven faces, for mastering it turns the world into kindling.

The Hidden Fire
The seventh and final flame is the fire of life, specifically the fire of the soul of the magus. This is the final and most difficult flame to master, as the light of a soul is naught more than a candle, and it is easy to extinguish.

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