The Stones of Asthmir are made by the people of Kasmir, the people who dwelled deep within the Eastern Jungles. They made the seeing stone as to gain an adventage against their enemies, but they saw things with which they did not want to see.

The last King of Kasmir saw his death, the gods had taken him and gorged his eyes out and then threw him into the nine hells, as punishment for his sins. When the king saw this he went mad and ordered the stones destroyed. But it was of no use. They had made the stones too durable. They finally took them far north to the Icefire Moutians, where they took them to a keep guarded by Kasmir Guards. There they remained until the desrtuction of the Kasmir. They have spread across the world.

Magical Properties:

They gives you sight into the future, of things that are, things that will be, and things that have not yet come to pass. This knowledge can come with a price, for sometimes shows you things you'd rather not see.

Able to be honed into the hilt of blades, it gives a slight look into the enemies moves before they happen.

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