There are some men who treat their wives the way they would chattel,that is,with utter control and domination,regarding their spouses not as independent beings entitled to their free will,but as mere objects of theirs,subject to the will of their lords. Such is the nature of those doomed to become the Possessive Ones,upon their death.
A Possessive One is the restless soul of a dead man who cannot bear to see his wife move and take another to be her husband upon his death. Uwilling to surrender claim over his wife or accept the fact that she is no longer with him,the anxious spirit rises from his grave in the form of a sinister black raven swollen to the monstrous size of an of an eagle or vulture. As it flies to the home it once shared with it's spouse,it utters an unearthly shrieke that drives made every male beast that in the vicinity. Bulls will bellow and charge at any who approach their cows,while the proud ram of the flock will gore any that attempt to shear the ewes he regards as his own. Even the tom cat will spit at snarl at the innocent child who draws near the tabby he considers his mate,and his alone. Thus does the Possessive One leave chaos in it's wake,as it wings it's maloveant way to the bed chamber it once shared with another.
When it finally reaches those yearned for quaters,it will immediately set about trying to get the unfortunate woman to awaken,so it can proceed to make love to her. But if it sees a man asleep by her side,it plunges into an envious rage,and will rip off his testicles with it's vicious beak. Once it is done with this grisly deed,it will begin to rape the woman,until her traumatized mind finally gives out,rendering her unconscious. Even then,it will linger in the bed room,fleeing to it's grave only when the cleansing rays of the dawn intrude and drive it away. And so the pattern begins,with this hideous abomination returning every night to torment the poor woman. If nothing is done to stop this horrid thing from carrying out the pattern it has set in it's mind,the woman will grow progressively weaker as her life energies are leached out by the Possessive One,and will die ultimately.
There are a few ways of putting this cursed monstrosity to rest. A priest can be summoned to lie in wait for the thing,annulling it's marriage as it enters. Upon hearing this,the horrified Possesive One will have no choice but to accept that it's marriage is indeed over,since the words of a priest are binding,even to it. Or the harassed woman can declare in front of it that she is no longer it's wife and that as such,she no longer has any obligations to it. Finally,the creature can be dispatched by a brave warrior swinging a blade of silver,if he succeeds in striking off it's head. However,this is a very dangerous enterprise,as the Possessive One is hellishly fast on it's wings and can easily claw his eyes out of their sockets with its vicious talons that ooze deadly toxins capable of rendering a man insane or sterile.

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