The Orcs of Kyle Drannor the Tribal Nation


The proud tribal peoples of the treacherous jungles and high mountainous regions of the Drannor, tire of their accursed lot in the world. A deeply spiritual nation of tribes lives in harmony with their surroundings hunting only for food or safety and once seen as a right of passage to manhood. These tribes revel in and recognizing and embracing the animal spirits within them that blossom during the hunt. Those that can see at night, and especially at dusk and dawn were praised and honor, as were those that gained the outward appearances of the beast spirits seen to dwell in each tribe member have led the race currently known a Orcs.


Once a nomadic people dwelling in the fertile plain lands north, and wishing to be good neighbors to a human kingdom ravaged by war took in refugees from the devastation, but were soon nudged further south as the greedy human began staking land temporarily gifted to them by the various tribes. Eventually the cooperative nature of Orcs led to an exile from their very own lands by the very humans they assisted. Because the tribe nation was not unified, they were easier to push out than if they had one connecting nation, making way for the great kingdom of demons basin a common human bastardization of their areas name Basin of Dawn. Many tried to flee to the Dwarven Nation of Lortmil, but were met with staunch refusal of help of any kind. From that point on the Orcs of Kyle Drannor knew the meaning of blood rivalry and racism.
In their new lands life was harder. Either more dangerous with larger predators and more competition with nature for resources of food, water and habitat or in the mountains the scarceness of the commodities were the challenge in and of themselves. This harshness has made them stronger and heartier, and they still remain a very proud spiritual people, placing great importance on skill of the hunt and battle and their now more delicate balance with the world around them. They still remain, divided and conquered.

World View

From their hard life the Orcs see Humans as inherently weak of body and a lesser people as their spiritual disconnect is evident. The dwarves have earn a grudging respect from the Tribe Nation as their life in the mountains is also hard and they have many social likenesses, but their transgression of having forsaken the Orcs to this hard life cannot be forgiven. The tribes often live on the outskirts of Human and Dwarven nations, awaiting revenge. The Orcs of Kyle Drannor still make rights of passage, but these now only are in the form of raids on Human or Dwarven lands. Though the orcs are from the same heritage, and follow similar customs, they have remained as individual tribes. Anyone wishing to unify the tribes as leader of the people, they must be challenged in every tribe both in battle and in spirit. This is a trial that very few succeed in more than few tribes, gaining control of a small fiefdom. In legend passed down of the Great Portent of the Kullryke, there is always hope. It is foretold that there will rise a leader who is the embodiment of the people, uniting the tribe nation, and bring revenge, glory and restore the homeland to the Orcs or Kyle Drannor.


Naming convention:

All tribes-orc have four names. First is the birth-name from the mother, often an attribute they wish to be blessed. Second is the spirit guide usually an animal. Third is the local tribes name. Lastly is the name of the tribe nation. Any titles of honor always lead the name. The Local tribe names are typically taken from the land which supports the tribe.
Example: Shaman (title) Swift (attribute, birth-name) Eagle (spirit guide) Cliffside (Local tribe name) Drannor (tribe nation name)

Family/Tribe Life:

(Kashook Assa) Though a child is named by the mother, the children are raised by the entire tribe. Each tribesman is responsible to rear the child. As such, individual shelters are for disciplines of the society in the form of large Halls. At the Entrance to each great carved totems of past leaders keeping watch and guard. All Tribesmen Hunt and Fight as needed, but each tribes-orc will devote themselves to a function which benefits the tribe; Artisans, Gatherers, Armors, Clothiers Guides, and Cooks. During the year tribes often leave the sacred land to follow migrating herds.

Tribe Guides/Leader:

(Kashook-roon) Tribe-Guides are ones to those that establish their prowess in battle typically through a display of both cunning and physical prowess, and who has demonstrated a spirituality which shows an understanding of the powers and balance of life. The Tribe guides determine the direction and focus of all tribe decisions, and acts for the tribe as final decision in matters of the counsel.


(Mashtra-durl) Often not the strong in physical prowess, they have shown a strong connection and inherent grasp of the life forces that guide all things. They often lead and focus tribal rituals, as well as guide individuals to spiritual awakenings and growth. It is the belief that tribal leaders essence is permanently linked to the tribe and continues to serve the tribe beyond death. The shaman is the tribes link to these guardians. These fallen heroes often impart wisdoms and guidance, and can be invoked to the defense of the tribe. This makes the home turf of the tribes much more difficult. The shaman often acts as a healer when required, but battle scars are proof of Valor and unless life threatening are left to heal naturally. Any attempts to heal magically.

Essence Link:

(Swakooli) Each Tribe-guide chosen by the tribe when proven must go through an elaborate 3-day long Grajook-Da or joining ceremony that start with a fasting, and cleansing of the leaders self. This Ceremony then connects the tribe-guides spirit to that of EVERY tribesman present at the ceremony. This link weakens through generations, but will only truly sever should the tribe be wiped out. This also gives the tribe-guide awareness of the tribes general state, enabling the Tribe-Guide to sense remote danger, the mood of the tribe. The link also joins the health of the tribe to the health of the leader. Through this link the Tribe-guide, during tribe threatening situations can draw upon the tribal essence to bolster the tribe-guides health.

Leader of the Nation:

(Kullryke) To become the leader of the Drannor nation, an existing Kashook-roon must call a meeting of all Kashook-roon, to declare the intent to become Kullryke. Upon which each tribe's Kashook-Roon and Mashtra-durl have one week to prepare two trials for the candidate. One of Skill or Prowess in Battle. (often a duel of leaders.) and a trial of Cunning. Each of these trials are typically deadly, as very little in the harsh living in the jungle is not fatal. Upon success, proven with some token (such as a severed Ear or head, and a tribal token for the trial of cunning), the Kashook-Roon connects itself to the Kullryke with a spirit thread thereby connecting the Kullryke with the tribe. Upon completion, the Kullryke becomes truly connected to the entire Tribe Nation. The life-energy from this link transfers from the people to the Kashook-roon to the Kullryke, and the goals and drive of the Kullryke transfer to the people. Helping the nation act as one.

Should a Kullryke already exist, the candidate must have all tribal tokens, and best the Kullryke in the game of Vrack Dul. (Heart tag)Conducted only across the Spires of Woe.
The Unified Tribe Nation current goals are to reclaim the homeland and exact retribution upon the thieves and traitors. The drive is to see the Nation strengthen and thrive bringing forward and era of unity and prosperity, the likes of which the nation has not seen in nearly a millennia.

Ideas/Plot hooks/Roles
1. The New Invader to the Kingdom the PCs must thwart
2. A PC must unite the nation of Tribes
3. A local Tribe must be eliminated.
4. PCs must prove themselves at the Spires of Woe to gain safe passage through the Drannor

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