The four-hundred and thirty nine years of the soothsayer's prophesies are up. The players are hired by the Academia de Manisca (a scholastic institution) to recover valuable artifacts from the Old Kingdom, for the purposes of research. Of course apart from the trolls and human warriors, there are other looters with less elevated agendas.

The only trouble is, no-one knows quite what has become of one particular artifact. It is not in the church where it used to be. Maybe it was stolen by a rival clan of humans. On investigation, this clan has been completely wiped out by a troll raid. So into the mountains to find the trolls responsible. But they no longer have it, since their chief gave it to the Hill Giant King as a toll or tribute. Now prospects of retrieving it looks all the more bleak.


The players are generals of a small army sent by one of the neighboring realms to conquer the Old Kingdom and bring order to it. But there is more than one neighboring realm.


In the aftermath of the War for the Old Kingdom, the buildings and towns must be restored to their former excellence. Some of the buildings were built using very rare, exotic materials, found only in distant lands. One of the players is the architect for this project, and he must find friends willing to accompany him on his voyage to collect all the necessary supplies.

If anyone can come up with more ideas for plots to be used in conjunction with this setting, post them as comments!

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