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May 19, 2014, 8:17 pm

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A systemic power during the galactic war

900 years after Putin, a man called Viktor Menshelyev became president of Russia. He was a cruel and oppressive man, changing laws to suit his needs. With a loyal core of supporters, none dared challenge him. None, that is, until the second revolution. A cell of insurrectionists, led by a man called Yakov Marx, managed to besiege and capture the Kremlin. 5 days after that, Menshelyev was shot. Yakov Marx established a communist government that his ancestor, Karl, would have been proud of. Without the corruption that was iconic of cold war era USSR, the influence of the New USSR spread throughout the solar system.

Thank you to caesar193 for his suggestions.

Further meat for the NUSSR's story

Menshelyev's cruelty

Menshelyev would regularly have his men round up groups of people, have these people set loose on his private estate, and go around with an assault rifle hunting these people down. He enjoyed killing people and would give the death penalty for petty cases (such as shoplifting)

The Revolution

Starting November 7, 2917, and lasting for only 2 days, the revolution was fairly bloodless. Menshelyev was arrogant enough to think that people were too scared of him to do anything. He posted very few guards, and those guards were sedated easily. It was at Menshelyev's office that the problems started. His elite guards were posted there, and it took Marx's men a day and a half to defeat them. After defeating the office guards, the revolutionaries captured Menshelyev easily, and he was shot 5 days later.

The NUSSR Society

All children born to NUSSR parents are taught from birth that corruption is evil. As babies, they are exposed to propaganda detailing the evils of theft, embezzlement, and murder.From the second generation and onward, crime was virtually nonexistent. For the few exceptions, a peacekeeping force was kept on hand and an interplanetary army was trained in case of war.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted caesar193
February 24, 2014, 11:17
First, let me welcome you to the Citadel. Second, let us talk about the NUSSR. There isn't much there. If you wanted to make it a 100 word submission or something of that nature, than put that in there. If its supposed to be a full-on sub, then I personally would like to see more. Right now, its barebones.

We're told that there was a revolution and a tyrant was killed- can we learn more about that? What were the battles? What was the last straw that drove the people to rise up?

We're told that Marx's descendant instituted a utopia, a communist system where everyone's happy. How did he do this? How does he maintain fairness? I may just be cynical, but I do not believe that humanity could live in a communist system without exploiting it and making it worse for others.

We're told that Viktor Menshelyev is evil. Why is he evil? What did he do? Changing laws doesn't necessarily make someone a bad person, someone the people could hate and actually kill- were the law changes to taxation, with him using the people's paychecks to make himself a golden palace?

I don't mean to be harsh, and this isn't a personal attack on you. Make sure that you cross your T s and dot your I s. If there are changes made that improve it, I'll revisit, but right now this needs more. In general, a paragraph is not enough here, unless your doing a writing challenge, such as the aforementioned 100 word subs. If you are doing such a challenge, can you mention that somewhere?
February 24, 2014, 12:04
Having Sci-fi communists could be fun. We could revisit all that 70s and 80s science fiction that predict the cold war continuing into space, plus the USSR really knew how to dress once it got going. Plus starting a sentence with "Comrade" is much better than starting it with "Well Met".

One question about this post:
"Without the corruption that was iconic of cold war era USSR"

You mean the New USSR fixed communism! You have to tell us how they did that.

Here is another challenge.


Almost 400 years after Ivan the Terrible, a man named Nicholas became Czar of Russia. A descendant of the Queen of England and cousin to the Kaiser of Germany, he was more in touch with the other monarchs of Europe than with his own people. But the power of the Czars was so great that it seemed none could challenge him. Until war came and the peasants were pulled into the army by the millions and sacrificed to protect foreign interests. Eventually the tide of revolution over threw the Czar and removed Russia from the War. After months of imprisonment the Czar and his family were shot. One of the many interests reaching for power after the fall the Czar were the Bolsheviks, followers of Karl Marx's teaching, and eventually they rose to power. Under the leadership of the Bolsheviks Russia became the USSR, and the USSR was most powerful country in Europe or Asia. But despite its Marxist ideals and the new name the USSR was still a Russian state at heart.

Does every agree with that summary of the Russian revolution? Did I leave out anything important or is that pretty much it?

Based on the above paragraph can you answer these question about the USSR:
1) What would I likely have for breakfast in the St. Petersburg of the USSR if I was taxi cab driver living in the city?

2) What did the USSR do with its political influence?

3) What did the rest of Asia and Europe think of the USSR as a matter of policy and in terms of popular opinion?

4) Why did the Bolsheviks succeed where others failed?

5) How did the revolution change fashion and art in the cities and the country side?

6) How popular where the Bolshevik political ideals prior to the revolution?

7) What happened to the Czarist loyalists after the revolution?

I bet if you re-wrote the NUSSR post in a cohesive narrative the included answers to seven equivalent questions we would have a nation at least as fully realized as say Cimmeria.

Voted axlerowes
February 24, 2014, 12:04
Only voted

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