That's right. Put me on. Feels good against the skin, no? All cool and comforting. You know the visage is impressive- scary. They're going to feel the fear when you look at them with my face covering yours. And that's good.

The terror will be delicious, rending them apart. I will be your shield friend, for nobody will know it was you behind my protection. Go ahead, live a little. Enjoy your freedom!

You deserve it. Really.

True beauty is in self-preservation after all. Lions don't go dying of old age on the serenghetti!

Go on. Do it. Think about what's possible! The riches! The mystery.... no woman can resist a mysterious man who commands the attention of the entire room. And you will, wearing me.

I can allow you to take that all...

Why ask, when you can take? You know what is your's to demand, and you should get that.


Memories fading? Unable to recall what you once looked like? Why yes, this has always been your face. We've never been apart!

Quiet you. I make the decisions now. Don't you see? You've become me!

We have a lot more fun to have together!


The Mask that Grins and Lies closely resembles a death mask of an unknown individual. Constructed of indeterminate material- similar to leather, but most certainly not that from a bovine, it is cool to the touch. The white surface is reminiscent of bone, and all orifices are covered in a thin white gauze that neither restricts vision or makes the mask fog up when worn in cold weather. The mask generally fits all easily and well, albeit slightly tight. Those who wear it for prolonged periods of time tend to quickly lose weight, and the mask accents the gaunt facial features that usually result.

The weight loss and general more cadaverous appearance are usually the first signs that the mask is not just a relic of some murderer long past. The person wearing it soon takes it off only with great hesitation, and seems to prefer wearing it at all times. It is at this point that most associates of the Mask's victim become concerned.

Those not acquainted with them will find themselves naturally distrusting of them, to the point of apprehension or trepidation. Normal civilians begin to avoid the character, and those affiliated with the law subject them to instant scrutiny. The victim generally remains similar in temperament in behavior, for a while.

Combat becomes more ferocious in the presence of the one wearing the mask. Surrender almost never becomes a viable for the enemies of the one wearing the mask, and their entire combat style becomes brutal. These changes are not so subtle as to escape notice by friends and family. At this point the victim swears by the added combat powers given to him or her by the mask- and indeed, their physical agility, speed and strength are greatly enhanced.

Should efforts not be taken to rid one's self of the mask, the thought of taking risk-seeking behavior suddenly appeals to the one wearing the mask. Particularly, theft, rape, and murder. The Mask prefers blatant action over guile, and brute force over finesse. Usually, one will pilfer or adulterate something they have coveted- be it an object or another person- as their first crime while wearing the mask. After this initial transgression has been completed, the mask begins physically altering the victim.

The mask becomes harder to remove. Their sleep becomes interrupted, troubled. Slowly turning a hint of red as these changes progress, the Mask itself starts to form into a much different face than that of a dead murderer's. The chin elongates, the eyes closing to hateful slits, horrid teeth suddenly filling the space where only gauze once was. At this point, the one behind the mask seems entirely foreign to all around. Emotionless or entirely indifferent to human suffering, a social taboo is hovering over any interaction with them.

Unless outside action is taken, the mask melds into the flesh of its victim and cannot be removed. The mask assumes complete control of their body, fed by their previous transgressions. The Mask delights in any psychological torment the host experiences once they come to their now totally aware senses, or relishes the corruption of its new pawn. Murder and blood lay in the future of the host.


I picked up the mask after the end of the fight. The Ripper's identity had long remained a mystery, but I had pushed through the challenges to find out once and for all who hid behind the mask.

It seemed familiar. Looking closely, I recognized the long nose, high forehead and the tight eyes the mask had. It was bleak, emotionless.

The body.... The Mask...

Why... why does it look like...


AhahahahahahahahahahahHA! Thanks for the good looks!

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