Usually dressed in tattered, dirty robes, this man looks a wreck. His hair is unkempt, his skin grimy and he usually has a look of frightened anxiousness in his dark eyes. He is only about 5'6, without any particularly impressive physical features. No amount of musculature to speak of and not at all hardened or tough. The word to come to mind quickest is beggar or bum.

After being raised in a normal family, in a small city, Aldiel suffered from an extremely dangerous disease. Fever wracked his body for days and he screamed constantly. The fever caused hallucinations and visions of demon hordes and he afterward claimed that during the height of the fever he was visited by Tchort, the lord of the Underworld. All anyone knows for certain is that his fever suddenly broke, for no apparent reason.

Shortly after his all but miraculous survival of this disease, Aldiel's family were all discovered dead in their home and Aldiel was missing. No one saw him leave, or if he was even the murderer. A few months later, Aldiel showed up in a far away city, preaching the wonders and unholy wrath of Tchort. He walks the streets every day accosting common citizens, telling them that the warrior demon hordes of Tchort will rise one day soon, though that day never seems to arrive. Different people speak of specific dates that Aldiel has sworn the armies of Tchort would come to conquer the world, but when the day passes, Aldiel claims no knowledge of having spoken of the dates.

Every so often, Aldiel seems to have a fit, screaming and yelling that 'They are here! We shall soon rule the world! The unbelievers shall perish, the flames of their lives extinguished!' After a short while of this, he becomes perfectly lucid again, seemingly having no memory of his episode.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes
This NPC has no actual power. His 'visions' are entirely the creation of a deluded and paranoid mind which was seriously damaged by the fever that wracked his body for so long. He truly believes that he sees the demons and other horrors of which he speaks, and this has driven him quite mad over the years.

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