The Liberators of the Coin is primarily an organization Halflings devoted to (insert trickster/thieving/Halfling god). They pattern themselves after a myth of the god stealing gold coins from his brother on the evening of his wedding. The stolen gold was a part of the wedding ceremony and its absence meant that the ceremony could not proceed. The theft resulted in the trickster being able to marry his brother's intended.

There is no true central authority, so each sect is left to its own devices. Most prefer pick pocketing rather than burglary or other forms of theft. The money is used to further the ambitions and pleasure of each individual thief. There's no charity in this bunch.

The sects are comprised of loosely grouped rogues and other ne'er-do-wells. In most cases, each sect has been brought under the leadership of a reasonably skilled thief, and there's a moderate amount of organization, with the intention of keeping the group out of the hands of the law.

The sects are exuberant and playful. They are prone to brawling after drinking their fill of ale on the spoils of their religious efforts. When not actively celiberating they tend to stay in groups of 5 to 10 individuals. Each member of the cult wears a golden coin on a chain around their neck.

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