During the Imbrian Dynasty, the planet known as Mercury was the second jewel of the Solar System, only inferior to the Moon itself. The planet was largely covered with warm shallow seas and graceful arcs of beaches around emerald islands. Suisein was engineered to be a resort world. Aside from the idyllic beaches and lagoons, the strings of stunning islands, the planet was home to a large number of centers of higher learning. The residents of the planet were noted for being small in stature but exceptionally intelligent.

Seisein was bombarded with multiple Caldera Devices. The seas and atmosphere were blown away, and most of the crust and mantle were likewise vaporized. The planet was left as a small dense core and cratered surface that we know today. There are no ruins on Mercury from the time of Imbria.


Venus was a rich and bustling world during the time of Imbria. It was very much like Earth at that time, but was notable for having a much wetter climate. The planet was covered in dense forests and jungles, sparse scattered seas, and was considered vastly superior to Earth. Binasseurs were known for their athletic aptitude, loyalty, and romantic interests. Sex and romance were central in the culture of Binasseu, with their version of the Kama Sutra functionally being as common as modern Bibles, and formed a cornerstone of their culture.

Binasseu was struck with a climate buster weapon, likely the only one of it's kind. The blast altered the planet's rotation, ruptured something inside it's core, and caused it's atmosphere to become impossibly think and poisonous. There is almost nothing left on Venus now, crushed and cooked by the extreme heat and pressure, and burned away during the lava flows that bubbled and ran after the explosion.


Earth, Chikkiyu, was the cradle of the Imbrians, and was hated. The planet was seen a climatically unstable festering petri dish of diseases and death. Chikkiyu remained inhabited by the Uncivilized Tribes, and was host to military training facilities, the Imbrian gulags, and a small number of colonies. These colonies survive as part of modern culture as the myths of Atlantis. The multiple proposed locations of the lost city are actually references not to one single city, but a number of cities and outposts maintained by the Imbrians.

Chikkiyu was coming out of glaciation period when the bombs started flying, an the receding ice was seen as a new hope for those who survived.

Sook (Imbria)

The center of the Imbrian Dynasty was Earth's Moon, Sook. Sook was a garden world, with artistic seas, and beautiful architecture. Most descriptions of Heaven, or the ideal of the futuristic city of crystal spires are tapping into deep memories of Sook, with precious metals and valuable stone used for construction purposes. Sook was a administrative center, and the technological center of the Dynasty, hosting the central equipment for the teleportation and communication system, the Nibiru array, and the devices that maintained the power of the Dynasty.

The last world to feel the kiss of the Caldera Device, Sook was hit with a number of small devices. The surface was burned clean, reducing the cities and gardens to lifeless ash. The dark lunar seas are the locations where the bombs, smuggled into place by terrorists, detonated.


The Red Planet has always been a desert, but during it's time as Kassia, it was the military heart of the Imbrian Dynasty. Kassia hosted most of the military training academies, a large patriotic population, and conservative matriarchal self image. Kassia frequently clashed the libertine Binasseur, and the academic Seisein. As a strong ally of the Dynasty, Kassia was largely spared the destruction and violence that destroyed other planets in the system.


There is almost nothing left of the Third Sister World, planetary sibling to Venus and Earth. Shovaka was a world net entirely unlike a colder Earth, and was noted for it's independent streak and reluctance to support the Dynasty. When the last great wars started, it was Shovaka that left the fold and lead the battles against the Dynasts and their sympathizers. The Dynast armies were driven back, and a number of Dynasts themselves were slain. In a rage of hubris, the Dynasts destroyed Shovaka.

The asteroid belt is the only thing left of Shovaka. The first Caldera Device used was a Deep Detonator and it burrowed almost to the core of the planet before detonating. The explosion cracked Shovaka and over the course of six hours the planet broke up and was drawn out into the belt zone it now occupies.


Mokusa is unchanged, but something as massive as Jupiter is hard to make major changes to even with the Imbrian's technology. The 4 Galilean moons were the Mokusan Satrapies.

  • Vataxi (Io) was an industrial world, with heavy mining, manufacturing, and remains of mines and pits have been found under the sulphate snow. Vataxi was one of the first places where the Imbrians used
  • Jojoro (Europa) was a water world noted for aquculture and it's marine behemoths.
  • Enduo (Ganymede) was the largest colony in the outer Solar System, and was largely neutral.
  • Karusa (Callisto) was a minor residential/light industrial colony and the administrative center of the Mokusa Satrapies.


Dosen, or Saturn, was much different during the Dynasty. It was a sandy colored gas giant, with a large number of small moons and no rings. The rings of Saturn were artificially created in the last centuries of the Dynasty. Dosen had three inhabited moons, Qyoja (Titan), Hotan, and Tom'e. These worlds were marked by their extremist and independent views, and their frontier lifestyle and fighting prowess allowed them to fight the Dynasty off of their home worlds. Like with Minerva, the Dynasts stepped back and destroyed the moons completely, leading to the formation of Dosen's rings. Following the destruction of Hotan and Tom'e, Qyoja surrendered and was placed under heavily military occupation and a concentration camp style ethnic cleansing.

Tenosen (Uranus)

Located on the outskirts of the Solar System, Tenosen was host to the moon Meison, and it's well known and respected monasteries. The monks of Meison were respected as peace makers and diplomats through the Dynasty.

Kaison (Neptune)

Like Tenosen, Kaison is a largely empty space, it's moons are almost completely uninhabited, except for the hardiest pioneers.

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