The Hidden Island of Dar'Orgath

Currently this island is home to the Cult of Dar'Orgath, a group of demon worshippers and necromancers who seek to bring their lord, the demon Dar'Orgath, into the world. The island is enshrouded in a mist, and appears to move around and float, as if it is not attached to the seabed. This is in fact true. The island was detached from the seabed by the use of powerful magics employed by the cultists. The island itself is large, almost the size of a small country on its own, and is home to various flora, fauna, and bizarre locations.


The island's climate is dependant on where it is floating. Generally, however, the Cultists prefer a temperate climate and keep it within warmer waters. The lizards however sometimes grab control with the help of their Mage-Priests, and move it to more tropical waters.

Area Breakdown

The Island is divided into 3 areas. One area called Uder, which is controlled by the Cultists from their Fortress-Temple of Dar'Rendall, an area called Slyrr which is controlled by the Lizardmen and ruled from Hsir-Dur, and a strip of land between them that is a no mans land.

The Cult controlls the northern area of the island, which is covered in dense forest and fairly mountainus, while the Lizardfolk control the swamplands and jungles to the south. Between the swamps and the forest lie lowland plains and rivers criss crossing, which make up the no mans land.

Locations in Uder

1. Dar'Rendall - The Fortress Temple of Dar'Orgath

Dar'Rendall is the fortess temple of the Cultists, and their home. Here they practice dark magicks designed to bring their lord and master into the world, as well as issue orders to the various cultist cells around the world. The temple is massive, over 5 stories tall, and is built into the side of a mountain in the center of the island. It is also heavily guarded by constructs, conjured beasts, and the cultists themselves.

Inside the Fortress one would find labs, libraries, and all manner of other things. The Fortress-Temple is run by 2 people. Helio the High Priest, and Marduk the current Fist of Dar'Orgath.

Each level of Dar'Rendall has a purpose. The ground floor houses the storerooms, slaves, and holding chambers for the various undead and other bizarre summoned creatures and creations. The second floor houses the barraks, where the more militant members live, as well as the dining area's and kitchens. Third level houses the general priests and cultists living quarters, as well as several shrines to Dar'Orgath. The fourth level are the labs and libraries. Dar'Rendall is home to a vast collection of knowledge, a great deal of which deals with necromancy and demon summoning.

The top floor houses the High Priest, and the Fist of Dar'Orgath, along with the High Altar of Dar'Orgath. The top floor is where the portal which will be used to bring Dar'Orgath into the world is being constructed.

2. Tomb of the Fallen

This place is on the north side of the island. A small building covered in vines, it leads down into a tomb of a once great paladin, named Jarvin. However, this paladin fell from grace, and became a blackguard in the service of Dar'Orgath, the first Fist of Dar'Orgath in fact. His tomb was built as a place of honor, as he served for several years as the leader of the armies of the cult.

The tomb is vast, as Jarvin was buried with his treasure and belogings. Hidden deep within the vaults, one could find vast treasure, along with undead and conjured creaturs and traps, placed there to keep unwanted visitors and tomb robbers at bay.

3. Delemorte

Home to the great Necromancer Marketus, this tower stands a days walk from Dar'Randell. Standing tall over the trees of the forest, Delemorte is a somber warning to those on the island. At night, strange lights can be seen from atop the tower, as Marketus works his dark magics in worship of Dar'Orgath.

Marketus also trains the up and coming necromancers and summoners in his tower. Those who wish to be his apprentice must survive the trip up the tower, as the lower floors are full of all manner of bizarre creatures who are let loose to run amok. Marketus himself simply teleports when he needs to go somewhere.

4. Forest of Death

Surrounding Dar'Rendall is section of dark forest, aptly called the Forest of Death. This place is enchanted and home to all manner of bizarre creatures that the cultists have conjured or crafted. One must survive the walk through the forest, which can take a few days, in order to reach Dar'Rendall.

Inside the forest, light does not penetrate the tree's. It is dark, like night, and failed experiments of the cultists, as well as undead unleashed by them wander the forest proper. Anything from a basic zombie, to a frankenstien like creation can be found somewhere in the forest. The forest is mazelike as well, overgrown and twisted by the proximity to Dar'Rendall.

Locations in Slyrr

1. Hsir-Dur - The Lizardman Capital

Hidden in the center of the swamp stands Hsir-Dur, the capital of the Lizardpeople. From here, the lizardmen try to wage war on the Cultists. The lizardfolk distrust outsiders, as they feel anyone who is not a lizard is obviously a member of the Cult. They control the swamplands on the south of the island, and the city is ruled over by a Emporer who is simply known as Grok. No non-lizard has ever seen Grok and lived to date.

The city itself is vast. In the center of the city stands the Great Kings castle, home of Grok. From the center, the city expands outward a mile in all directions. The lizardfolk are good creaturs, who try to keep to themselves, however they are finding themselves more and more in danger of being wiped out by the Cultists.

2. Yrsyr - Temple to the Lizard God

A few hours walk through the swampland away from Hsir-Dur, one would find the Temple to the Lizard God Umaki. This temple houses the Lizard Mage-Priests, who travel out from the temple regularly to keep tabs on the spiritual nature of the Lizardfolk, as well as counter the dark magics of the Cult.

The High Priest of Umaki is known as Esri the Grey One. No one is certain how long Esri has lived, but it is said that he has existed since the time of the first Emperor of the Lizard Kingdom. Esri the Grey One is secretive, and only a few non-lizards have seen this ancient. His power is the only thing that keeps the cultists from storming the lizardfolk entirely, as they are afraid of the power he can wield.

3. Grsyl Graveyard - The Graveyard

To the Lizardfolk, this patch of swamp is sacred, and their greatest warriors and kings and priests are interred within its swampy soil. This area is now kept under guard however, as the Cult has recently caused some issues within the Tomb of Yasre, the First King of the Lizardfolk. The bodies of their fallen and honored are now rising up, and the Lizardfolk have built a wall around the Graveyard. To keep everyone outside, and keep the undead inside.

Plot Ideas

The first major plot hook would be the fact that the Cult, which is widespread, is trying to bring a Demon Lord into the world. This fact alone would be enough to attempt to storm Dar'Rendall. Barring that, the party could be approached by a Lizardfolk who asks for their aid.

The Lizardfolk are outmatched, as the cultists are not bothered by raising both their own dead and those of the lizardfolk to wage war. The Cultists use the lizard people as livestock almost, attacking when they need fresh corpses.

The lizardfolk are getting desperate, and know its only a matter of time before the Cult finishs their preparations and bring the Demon Lord into the world.

The PC's could also be enticed by the idea of a famous fallen paladins tomb, which while guarded, is said to be a treasure trove of valuable artifacts and relics.

Reaching the Island

The Island moves around, but not very quickly. The mist keeps it hidden from view, however the mist is not magical and is rather simply a by product of the effects moving the island. The two groups vie for control. The Cultists control the movement from Dar'Rendall, and the Lizardfolk from Yrsyr.

To reach the island you would either need to fly over to it or use a boat. Ship Captains are not pleased at the idea of trying to reach an island shrouded by mists, with the danger of hitting rocks or being attacked.

The Cultists reach the island by use of special Teleportation stones, embedded in rings that the heads of each region wear. The rings allow a one way instant Teleport to the third level of Dar'Rendall, into a special chamber. If the PC's can get ahold of one of these rings and learn how to activate it, they can attack the Fortress Temple from the inside. To leave, the room that they arrive in can, with the proper command word, take them back to where they came from. Note that the rings can teleport up to 8 people at a time, as long as they are all touching each other.

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