Full Item Description
The crucifix (or insert holy pendant of your good mainstream religion of choice) is fairly old, more elaborate than normal, and would usually only be worn by someone of great piety or a female of some piety.

It was worn (and enchanted) by an Evil cultist of some skill. She made this a special tool for her cult work. (It was her 'class ring', personal tool.) The crucifix was an ironic choice of tools for her. The item has the following abilities.
1) The item is invisible to all but the most powerful detection of mystical energies.
2)The ability to control undead and spectral minion
3) The ability to call undead and spectral minion
Aids in the ability to create undead/ spectral minion (adds energy to make it easier)
4) The ability to transfer damage from one person to another, giving the illusion of healing in many cases.
5) And lastly, makes the wearer appear to be 'tainted' by the opposite celestrial force. So if one is bound to an Evil Celestrial being, one appears associated with a positive/ good one. However, it works visa versa as well.

The item allowed her to appear as a pious female of the clerical persusasion, her 'cover' for many years. Since her death, this 'relic' has floated about from hand to hand. It has lead to many confusing situations. Everyone thinks it is a great holy item that allows the repulsion of undead and exceptional martyr healing, but it is odd.

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