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October 30, 2005, 4:36 pm

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The Guild of Magic


The Magic Guild is one of the first Humanti Guilds, one of the first organizations that crossed clan bloodlines. It has become one of the most powerful, having a prestigeous place in history and becoming the “official” judges of way and order/chaos.

The Magic Guild is one of the first Humanti Guilds, one of the first organizations that crossed clan bloodlines. The Humanti did not have the natural skill that the Elventi did, only a small number of them could learn magic with profiency… and only a few could be masters/ true wizards. The mage council began to carefully (for Humanti) teach other potentials the skills they had picked up in the few short months of training they had. They began to adapt what they had been taught to the “human time”. “Caster” as they came to call him, eventually came back and taught the Humanti more completely, allowing the council to become the first Wizards.

Since magic was innate to so many parts of Elventi culture, magic was one of the avenues of uplifting/ civilizing Humanti. They learned the basic truths of language, mathematics, the nature of the universe, religion, and the flow of cosmic forces.

The Mage Guild worked with the Warrior’s Guild in the Returner’s war. Each clan’s land had one guild hall, where “potentials” or anyone who wanted, could learn magics (for appropriate prices). Thus all six elements in their manifest and higher form were initially taught. After the Elventi threatened to destroy them all, they stoped casting with light and dark forces… leaving it to the Priests of the True Gods of Arth.

The Guild watches over magic and magic users in all the Humanti portion of the Known World (which is to say…. most of it). They teach the appropriate, will try to teach anyone else who pays the fees and takes the binding vows, and research what is truly possible within the four remaining elements. They have achieved results beyond the expectations of the Elventi (who are amazed that Humanti can grasp much of the concepts behind the universe at all).

The Guild is always trying to expand its influence over Humanti Lands. They have been “guiding hands”, teaching the elements of Civilization to all Humanti. They simply want the respect (and power) that they feel is their due. To date, they have been stymied on all fronts. They are the perpetual advisors, but never the rulers. They are covetous of this position, so tend to protect that status quo more rigerously than any normal Arthian. Now they have become the official judges of way and order/chaos. They are working to maintain balanced order in Humanti lands.

The Guild in Antioch is now working overtime. Ariones of Antioch, a mage guildsman, has proposed that the material world is nothing more than condensed mystic energy AND that those materials work with the same mystic laws that magic functions under. He has developed various devices that have the potential to reshape the “way” of Antioch - The printing press, magnifying glasses, telescopes, and balloons to name a few. Clockworking is being refined given more advanced magical theories. There has yet to be any “chaos backlash” to the presentation of these inventions or their passing to other parts of the Known World. But the Guild and the Elventi Noble Council is keeping an eye on the situation.

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Comments ( 4 )
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October 30, 2005, 16:36
Updated: added content
Voted Mourngrymn
November 9, 2005, 16:07
A nice little halfway house for all mages. I like it. Its hard to design a complete guild for magics as they are one of the outside the box types of guilds. Good job once again.
Voted B9anders
May 8, 2009, 9:11
Nice example of a worldspanning order and their role. Would have liked to know more about the structure of the organisation. Is there a central headquarter or is it more of a network of equal regional bases? How are decisions made? Is there a grand master or a council?

A few details on things like the binding vows (which suggests they have a restraining role on wizardry) and perhaps also different factions with the guild would be nice extra touches.
Voted valadaar
May 13, 2013, 15:39
Interesting, though quite tied to Arth. Good as a suggestion on how a guild could be, though I would like to see the answers to B9anders' questions.

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