Full Item Description
Not a normal shovel by any means, this tool/weapon looks like you don't even have to be undead in order for it to do some damage.

Fully displayed, this shovel looks like the best friend of any who fight the undead all the way around, from the spikes to the holy symbols.

The top of this shovel comes in two primary models, one looks like a gilded cross, the other just looks like a x-joint of steel, but the secret is that a rune near the center of the shovel is touch with the intent of deploying the shovel as a weapon, spikes pop out of three exposed ends of the X-joint or cross. These spikes can of course be switched out for similar spikes, such as silver or gold or even wood as long as it holds the same shape.

The shaft of the shovel is most often made with wood but in rare cases, enchanted metal is used. Your typical wooden Grave Digger though is made from enchanted wood that not only absorbs more vibration then the unenchanted version of whatever wood the shovel is made from, thusly making easier to dig with, but the wood is often etched with various holy symbols which not only help repel dead but are used in the blessing process to make the wood stronger and give it a minor divine aura which makes it further harmful to the undead.

Then end of the shovel can be purchased or made with your basic shovel base inscribed with holy symbols and ever-keenness cast on it or for a reasonable amount more you can get the same thing cast in silver. Of course, this too can be changed for extra depending on the metal you want the end of the shovel to be made from. Overall though, it's as good for slashing and impaling the undead as it is for burying the dead.

There have been undead almost as long as there have been dead, and just as long as there have been living, there has been someone who buries the dead. Maybe it's how Paladins and Undead Slayer's got started, a grave digger encountering an undead and putting it back in it's grave, but these days the grave diggers get someone else to do that for them.

Well, one grave digger who had troubles with undead in the past had been inspired to create this particular shovel for several reasons. The first was if he wasn't prepared, one of these days he might not live long enough to get help to solve his undead problem. The next was with the amount of money it had cost him to get adventures to slay the undead that kept popping up in his graveyard or even just to repair the damage from when the local paladins would go in and clear the whole area of undead, often ruining the grass or breaking tombstones in the combat, if not right out destroying them like they had done to tombs in the past, the grave digger figure doing it himself would be cheaper. The third being, if people too afraid to take up grave digging, how would he ever retire?

So, with these points in mind and the money in his pocket, the grave digger set out on creating this weapon. It took a few tries to get it right and there are lesser versions of it floating about, some of them just being shovels, the end result was this shovel which can now be created for a price by some grave digger guilds.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Absorbs vibration to make it easier not only to dig with but wear less on the user.

Blessed not only to cause more damage to undead but to harden the wood, making sure the shovels get all the use from them as possible. The added bonus of having the shovel blessed was that it now acts as a holy relic with holy aura and can be used to soften the effects of anything which may be effected by such things such as curses and other such magics.

When within 20ft of the undead, the shaft of the shovel will begin to glow more brightly then it normally would. The level of brightness is of course open to the GM.

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