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December 31, 2006, 12:48 pm

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The Good Housewife's Jewell


This work is a real book. It should give you an idea of what people in your historical analog/ fantasy worlds should be expecting to eat. (Or at least if they are English.(

The Good Housewife’s Jewell
Wherein is to be found most excellent and rare Devises for conceites in Cookery, found out by the practise of Thomas Dawson.

Whereunto is adjoyned sundry approved receits for many soveraine oyles, and the way to distill many precious waters, with divers approved medicines for many diseases.

Also certain approved points of husbandry, very mecessary for all Husbandmen to know.

Newly set foorth with additions.


Imprinted at London for Edward White dwelling at the little North doore of Paules at the signe of the Gun.

A booke of Cookerie

To boile Larkes
To boile Conies
To boyle a Cony
To boile Chickens
To boile mutton and Chickens
To boile Chickins
An other way to boyle Chickins
To boile Plovers
To boile Teales
To boile steakes betweene two dishes
To boile a neates tongue
To boile a capon
The boyling of a capon
To boile a Capon with Orenges and Lemmons
To boile a capon in white broth with almondes
To boile a capon in white broth
To make boyled meates for dinner
To boyle meates for supper
To boyle a legge of Mutton with a Pudding
To boile pigges feete and petitoes
To make a mortis
To boyle a Lambes head and purtenance
To boyle Quailes
To make stewed Steakes
To stewe Calves feete
To stewe a Mallard
To make Aloes
To make Fritters of Spinnedge
A Fritter to be made in a Moulde
To boyle pigeons in blacke broth
To smere a Conie
To boyle a Mallard with Cabbadge
To boyle a Ducke with Turneps
To make white Estings
To make blacke puddings
To make strong broth for sicke men
To boile a Breame
To boile Muskles
To boile Stockfish
To make bake meates
Another bake meate
An other bake meate
To make Marie pies
To boile pie meate
To make fine Cakes
To make fine cracknels
To bake Connies
To bake a brest of veale
To make a pudding in a breast of veale
To bake a Gammon of Bacon
To make fine bisket bread
To bake a Turkie and take out his bones
To bake a Kidde
To bake a Mallard
To make a Pye of Humbles
To bake a Red deare
Another bakemeate for Chickins
To bake Calves feete
To sowce a Pigge
The order to boyle a Brawne
To make Almond butter
To roast an Hare
To make Fritter stuffe
For to bake a Hare
To preserve Orenges
To make all maner of fruit Tartes
To make a Tarte of preserved stuffe
To make a Tarte of Prunes
To make a Tart of Ryce
To make a Custard
To make a Tarte of Wardens
To make a tarte with butter and egges
To make a tarte of Spennedge
To make a tarte of Strawberries
To make a Tarte of hippes
To bake the Humbles of a Deere
To make a veale pie
For to make mutton pies
To bake calves feete
To bake Chickens in a Cawdle
To bake pigeons
To bake a Conie
To bake a Gammon of bacon and keepe colde
To bake a Fillet of beefe to keepe colde
To make fine bread
To bake a Neates tongue
To make muggets
To make fillets of beefe or clods instead of red Deare
To make a tarte that is courage to a man or woman
To stewe a Cocke
To preserve all kinde of fruites, that they shall not breake in the preserving of them
To make a sirop for bake meates
To roast a Carpe or Tench with a Pudding in his belly
To make a fresh Cheese and Creame

THE NAMES OF ALL thinges necessary for a banquet
To make Manus Christi
To make a Caudle to comfort the stomacke, good for an olde man
To make a Trifle
To make Marmelat of Quinces
To make butter paste
To make Fritter stuffe
To make a dishe of Artechokes
To frie Bakon
To frie Chickins
To make a boyle meat after the French waies
To make a Sallet of all kinde of hearbes
A sauce for a Conie
To make a Sallet of Lemmons
To make a sausedge
To make a pie
To make white broth with Almondes
To make pottage to losse the bodie
To make another very good potage to be used in the morning
To boile divers kindes of fishes
To make broth for one that is weake
To boile a capon with a sirrop
To dresse a hare
To bake a hare
To rost Deares tongues
To make Blewmanger
To make peascods in Lent
To bake Quinces, Peares and Wardens
To make a tarte of Spinadge
To make blame mangle
To make a Tarte of an eare of Veale
To make a Tarte of Strawberles
To make a close Tarte of Cherries
To make a close Tarte of green Pease
To make a Tarte of Damsons
To make a florentine
To make Almond butter after the best and newest fashion
To make Oister Chewets
To make a Tarte of Medlers
To make Hypocrase
To make an other pretie dishe, with dates, and the juice of two or three Orenges

Order of Meats

The first course
The second course
The first course at Supper
The second course
The service at Dinner
Service for fish daies
The second course
Service for Fish daies
The second course

If you want to see the entire text or individual entries, this is found at

Like above, this should give you an idea what people in your historical analog/ fantasy worlds should be expecting to eat. Or at least if they are English. I am looking for an Italian or Chinese cook book from the periods.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Iain
November 15, 2005, 18:31
A good idea - it can be hard to know about ancient food.
December 13, 2007, 10:55
Good stuff. Makes me hungry. Perhaps would work better as a scroll entry in Dash of Salt though.

To boyle pigeons in blacke broth Yum!
December 14, 2007, 2:20
The post came to be because I wanted to have more historical books for the site. I did some research. Some of the first actual "mass market" "books" (rather than scrolls or codices) were ones just like this one. So while you modern players have no interest in the culinary arts, the NPCs of your worlds do. Books like this helped them improve their bland diets, allowed the nobles to "be more cultured," and allowed the sharing of knowledge that would not of been shared otherewise. The people who live in the cultures we tend to adventure in (vaguely medieval/ vaguely European) are all going, "Most Excellent" and "Hurrah", and "Wonderous books, good sir", despite what the PCs are thinking. So that is why it is here, as a "thought provoking" little piece. (as in, why did Moon post this? And why did he think it was important?).
Voted Kinslayer
June 20, 2008, 12:56
I got some good uses out of The Book of Household Management. It has the requisite recipes, but also has information on various servants' tasks & a bunch of other stuff. Not only are books like this good resources, but any literate setting would logically develop them. That is, not only are the real ones useful, but the game world will have its own.
Voted valadaar
May 1, 2014, 10:15
Boy, they liked their food Boyled...

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