Long ago there was a great war. A war were man pitched machine against machine in fierce massive battles. These machines were golems. The war was fought by a legion of evil and an alliance of good. On the side of evil there were that of dark elves, orks, goblins, and undead. On the side of good were men, high elves, and dwarves. The great evil wished to concoure to entire world but the good wanted to protect it. Each side built golems, from iron to adamantium, to use in battles for supremicy. Now these wars all long over and a society called M.A.D. (magical artifact destruction) is seeking out the last of the golems and destroying them, for fear that they might fall into the wrong hands. Even though these eforts are taken a long lost and all powerfull golem has been released onto the world, an adamantium golem. Twords the end of the war, a city of dark elves began construction on an all powerfull golem. Before they could complete there golem the war was over. The dark elves only managed to make a miniature sized golem of power. But it was left behind when the dark elves went into hiding. So it sat for thousands of years waiting to be activated. Finally it was activated. By a peasant man who had got lost in a cave looking for gold and riches. The mini. adamantium golem was now activated and is looking for the ones that created it. If such a powerfull artifact was recoved, the world is doomed.

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