Zeus, The Creator: Zeus is the divine creator and lord of all Zeta. He is so moody and filled with angst that his own priests keep people from seeing him out of embarrassment.

Ares, God of War, Combat, and Prowess: Ares is the master of every weapon, fighting style, gymnastic move, and sport that the world has ever seen. He's even tried his hand in poetry (and may the gods help you if you have to hear it). Unfortunately, he's not the friendliest bloke. He's about as arrogant, acidic, selfish, poor-tempered as Quetzalcoatl is hard to pronounce.

Erat, Divine Artist: A giant man with big black boots, Erat likes to eat, laugh, and make beautiful art with his surprisingly gentle hands. The lord of all that is creative, and the visual artist responsible for each evening's sunset, he is known to spontaneously appear after artists create particularly moving pieces, and grant them

Gaia, Nature Incarnate: From her hairy legs to her ankle-length matted hair, Gaia defends the world against the atrocities of mankind's progress, whatever the cost.

Ire, The Healer: She's tall, she's strong, she's a tyrant if she doesn't like you - she's Ire, the goddess of healing! It's her fault that nobody may be raised from the dead on Zeta: 'If he was too stupid to live the first time, why should he get a second chance?'

Loki, King of Thieves: Although he looks (and smells) like a hobo most of the time, Loki is a master of the con, the hustle, and disguise. Sadly, this doesn't stop him from drinking himself into oblivion and crashing in public parks. Do not leave him alone with your kids.

Poseidon, God of the Sea, Drinking, and Smithwork: A brooding gaunt fellow, Poseidon lurks at the bottom of the ocean, forging things on his magic anvil, brewing things in his magic brewery, and cooking the finest cuisine the world has ever seen.

Thanatos, God of Knowledge: Thanatos, from his labyrinthine library lair, is the master of both magic and technology, but not of the wise use of either. He goaded the ancient dwarves into overdeveloping their technology to the point of self-destruction. Thanks, Thanatos - the dwarves sure love you now!

Orion, God of the Northern Hunt: Orion, and all of his followers, are nutters. They get off on climbing unscalable mountains, just to jump off again. Orion creates the most frightening abominations the world has ever seen, just to hunt them down with a knife and not much else. And this is before breakfast!

Moreau, The Hermit: Moreau lives inside a forbidding rock in
treacherous waters - there are no doors, windows, or openings of any kind. Very little is known about the hermit - some say that he will come out at the end of the world, some say that he's so hideous that if the sun shone upon his face, it would go out. Most agree that he is the most powerful of the gods - sort of an absentee landlord.

Quetzalcoatl, The Malign Presence: It came from Outside the world, eons ago. Most of the gods say Loki let It in. Loki says he didn't. It is the personification of evil - It created the Reavers, a monstrous race that are virtually unkillable - It is amorphous, a dark cloud taking the shape of whatever is most useful to it at the time. It feeds on suffering, grief, and woe. Fear It. Oh: and don't worry if you can't pronounce Its name. Nobody else can, either.

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