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Popular legend among Urania's people has it that they arose into existence when the great frost Giant Ymir was slain and cast into the seas by one envious of him. Famed for his kindness and compassion towards all who knew him,puny mortals and immortal elementals alike,Ymir was unfortunate enough to attract the envy of Thogrash,another frost giant of prodigious strength who had grown bitter with the love and popularity that all showered upon Ymir. So it was that he invited Ymir to meet him upon a great polar ice cap one day,pleading that he had a dire problem which required Ymir's great wisdom to resolve. Touched by the seeming severity of Thogrash's situation,Ymir arrived at the suggested location as he had promised,much concerned for the wellfare fare of Thogrash.
There,Thogrash attacked him with a deadly savagery that was truly fearsome to behold. Alarmed and horrified beyond measure by the deceit of Thogrash,Ymir fought desperately to save himself. Long did the ice cap resound with the might blows the two hulking titans rained on each other with deadly precision. But alas,despite his frantic will to survive,Ymir was no match for the awesome power of Thogrash. And with one final mighty blow to the other's head,Thogrash smashed open the huge skull of Ymir and gathering the still corpse of Ymir into his powerful arms,hurled it into the sea that churned below.
But once news of his death became known,the world wept bitterly for one that had tried his utmost to be friend to all,prompting the gods to see to it that something of Ymir's compassion and wisdom remained even in death. And through their divine grace and power,the fallen bones of Ymir were transformed into the Frozan.
A placid race slow to anger,the Frozan would strongly remind one of giant crocodiles if crocodiles stood upright,reaching an impressive height of twelve feet, and were covered in thick shaggy white fur. Their nature too,is far from crocodilian. The large and pointed yellow teeth protuding in a sniggled arrangement from their long jaws are for catching hold of the salmon that are the staple of their diet,contrary to what one unfamiliar with the legends of these gentle folk might think, and the large brown eyes located on either side of the heads are filled with gentle wisdom and compassion,rather than the crocodile's ruthless cunning and hunger.
Solitary wanderers by nature,the Frozan spend most of their lives following the great salmon shoals on their great migration from the spawning grounds of the seas all the way to the lakes and rivers where the fish will choose to make their new homes and vice versa,when the current generation of salmon leg it all the way back tot he seas to begin the spawning process anew. Along the way on these great treks,the Frozan will help any mortal they comes across that is in dire need of aid. Doing its best to provide the mortal with all the assistance he needs,the only thing the Frozan will ask for in return is a large fish or two to staunch its hunger. And if the mortal in unable to meet even that meager form of payment,the Frozan will tell him to think nothing before slipping back into the waters to continue its long journey. The Frozan are also well known in the myths of Urania for imparting their apparently limitless knowledge and wisdom of the elements to the most famous sages to ever appear in the old sagas and tales. However,this is a service they only render the pure of heart and their knowledge is such,that when an evil man reaches for it at a time when he needs it most,he finds himself vainly grasping at nothing.
The Frozan are sexless. When one finds itself overwhelmed with the periodic urge to spawn a new one of its kind,it sprays a large peice of ice with a peculiar pungent,green liquid that is secreated by a pair of glands located in the anal region. Then it wanders off about its usual business. Moments later,the ice that has been sprayed thus,is miraculously transformed into a fully grown Frozan equipped with all the skills it needs in order to survive. And thus do the Forzan spring forth from the ice.
It is also where they return in death. When a Frozan dies,either by violence or old age,a bane to which not even they are immune,their corpses revert back to the ice that birthed them. This intimate connection of theirs to the ice,has often led many philosophers to wander if that could explain why the Frozan possess the powers of control over that particular element like the ancient tales say they do.

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