The Food Shack is one of those little holes in the wall that you would either miss or want to avoid. Yet is is one of the best places in Antioch to eat and the best place to eat in the Docks District. Antioch is a river city and Sea Clanners travel up river to eat here. The food is really that good. It is also 'the place' to have Kenditho.

The Food Shack is a Blue Diamond Food Guild, so all its plates, bowls, and cups have Blue Diamond marks and can be traded in at any Blue Diamond food cart or the Shack. (which means there is a copper or two deposit on the bowls and such). Technically the Shack is a Food Cart, but the ramshackle shack was built around the original food cart. That was 69 years ago, so you can see the amount of build up in your mind.

The shack is literally a shack built between in an alley between two good sized warehouses. It is recessed into the alley a good ten imperial strides. There is 'seating' for patrons in the alley and in the broadway outside the two warehouses. This seating is rustic, made up of slightly modified crates and the 'tables' are either large empty good spools or doors/ planks placed on crates. It was impromptu seating at one time, the dockworks adapting what was around to sit and eat. Now the seating is actually assembled from that impromptu seating, with nails, glue, and finishings.

In addition to dock workers and sailors (mostly sea clanners), many businessmen and guilders will find their way to eat here at lunch and an early diner in the hot months. It is admusing to see the well dressed and high class sitting among the 'rustic' setting.

The Food is mostly Kenditho (Seafood soup), fried whitefish and chips, and some of the best fried calimari in the world. The fish fried chicken is quite tasty as well. They make a variety of broiled whitefish and the Antioch classic Beef in Brew.

The family Portius still runs the place. The Portius clan is known for is restraunts and food service across SecondLand, but few have immigrated to ThirdLand. Those few that have are the 'poor cousins', having only enough money to start up food carts. Now the Portius Clan of ThirdLand is literally the Blue Diamond Cart Guild. The three dozen Carts sell a variety of sweats, soups, and noodles across Antioch.

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