Crafted by a skilled warrior who was disabled in battle but wished to teach his sons the ways of the warrior, these blades have become a way for ancestors and descendants to honor one another.

When a thrown axe paralyzed Tso Ayek, he dispaired for his children. With no legs, he could barely manage to care for nature's calls, much less show them the ways of the warrior. He sought out Ming Yo, a great blacksmith and begged him to forge him a blade to hold his soul, so that he might show his children the way. Ming Yo told him that he did not hold his sword with his soul, it was his soul, he held his sword with his hands. For the blade to serve his children Tso Ayek would have to give up his hands.

Already shattered by the loss of his legs, he now faced loosing his hands as well. He left Ming Yo's forge for one month to ponder his fate, then returned. He told Ming Yo that half a warrior was no better than no warrior to teach his children, and agreed to give up his hands. Ming Yo struck off both hands above the wrists and told him the blade would be ready in a year.

Tso Ayek spent a crippling year as an invalid. Once a proud and succesful captain, now he could not move with out servants, and worse, his heart broke every time his wife shuddered when he touched her with his stumps. Then Ming Yo arrived with the blade.

A fine short sword, razor sharp with a beautiful steel cloud blade, a strong warriors coin gaurd, and a wire wrapped handle. Beneath the strong metal coils were Tso Ayek's knuckle bones, his hands bound to serve the blade.

Even as Ming Yo presented it, Tso Ayek took it from him t inspect it's length as he had every other blade handed him in his life. The sword drew free of it's case and floated in the air in front of Tso Ayek, moved by his hands within. With his blade, he taught his children well, and they grew to become not just great captains, but generals at the heads of great armies.

When Tso Ayek passed away, his hands remained fixed to the blade, and so he has continued to guide and aid the ancestors of his line down through the ages.

Magical Properties:

If the sword is thrown at a target, make the normal to hit roll, although the blade acts as if it were balanced, so treat it as if it were a dart. After hitting or missing the target, the blade will return to the owner, but can never be caught by the blade unless a critical miss was rolled.

If the owner concentrates, the blade can fight as him at his skill level, as long as the owner can concentrate. It takes one turn to focus thier attention into the blade, double that if their concentration was broken, before the blade will respond. The blade does not even need to be on their person to start, just within 10 feet, and can be commanded up to 50 feet away.

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