Memories of The Fall:

You fell. It was a long fall. You're trying to remember where you fell from, but it seems like there was no starting point for your fall. All you can remember is the fall. Why isn't this more bothersome, you wonder? It is dark and slightly damp. You're pretty sure you broke your legs upon impact, but something isn't right. No pain. Is that normal? You reach down to move the stone fragments among your surely destroyed lower limbs... You find a coarse chunk of flesh, calloused and quite large, muscular and flexible.

That is odd. Since when is that there? With some effort, you find it just barely able to support you. After undulating what-used-to-be your chest muscles, now elongated, you find yourself able to move forward, only rarely having to catch your arm on the wall for stability. You look up. No light up there, must have been a long fall. The thought brings a chill to your spine. You make your way towards a light, looks like there's an opening into twilight ahead.

After emerging from an earthen mound, of which there appear to be numerous, you can get a better look at your new-found limb. It's not what you expected. It is bent like a knuckle up behind you, complete with what could only be a large fingernail. That's peculiar. There's a finger growing out of my torso. Surely that wasn't always like that. Or was it? You're not sure, you must have hit your head pretty hard because you obviously have some form of amnesia. The world is cold and alien, black and blue rock structures extend many yards into the air all over this craggy mountain. As you make your way down the cliff, you meet up with a well-worn path. Well, looks like I'm not the first one to come by, you think, and start to manipulate your "Finger" muscles into carrying you down the slope.

The Fallen, an overview:

The Fallen are a strange sort of being, seemingly native to The Concave, they literally "fall" into being. They never know from where they have fallen, or who they may have been before (if they even were before), and such things don't typically concern them.

They appear mostly human, except for their rippling multiple-segmented abdomens, which is distinctly an oversized finger. They are always curious and seem to live to try new things, meet new people, and go to new places.

They have a morbid obsession with fingernails, keeping the fingertips of their enemies as trinkets and being innately horrified by anyone purposely clipping their fingernails.

Playing a Fallen Character:

The idea of being a Fallen is physical, mental, and spiritual. You remember physically falling from somewhere, that is your birth. Height can have a sever impact on you, either being a challenge to be met or an adversary to be avoided. Whichever way it effects your character, note that your lower "finger" is quite large, and could easily make you taller than those around you. Spiritually, it makes sense to seek out higher powers and so-called ascended beings. For good or ill, they might have some insight into just where it is that you fell from, to come to your current form.

Notes on The Concave:

A unique role-playing world in-the-works, a place of deep spelunking, dark horror, and exploring both your own roots and those of the world you once knew. There is a forum thread detailing the unsorted pieces, Here.

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